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I Rest My Case

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December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized




By George A. Yesthal


In the development and refinement of mind control it is essential to realize what sections of the human brain, are susceptible to coercion and influence. These areas are responsible for memory, conscience, insight and intuition and ironically are the same areas that allow for the existence of God.


There are many people who scoff at the subject of mind control and view it as so much hocus-pocus, and why is that? Because that is the notion put forth by those who employ mind control. How effective would it be if everyone were aware of its employment and the exact mechanics of it? Mind control can only be successful if those being targeted are unaware that they are being manipulated. And, while there are those that believe it is done through microwaves and so on, it’s probably done through the things we crave; TV programming, computers, video games and subliminal advertising.


Certain personalities (bi-polar, ADHD, obsessive compulsive, etc.) are targeted to react in any of an array of chosen responses according to what programming is chosen. Even those who would sneer at the concept of mind control are posing questions like: “What’s with all the zombie stuff…or…Since when are vampires and werewolves cast as the heroes?” Or…”What’s with all the graphic violence in our kid’s video games? Incidentally, the whole zombie thing really started to blossom shortly after Obama’s election in 2008. Hmmm.


Of the many people across the country that are asking these questions, many are the victims of a blanket kind of mind control called “patriotism”, in which they trust and follow blindly all that they are told, as long as the message is coming from “authority”. That mind-set is epidemic today and has been fostered for decades, the very definition of “patriot” having been morphed from someone who pays attention to the political climate and takes a proactive stance to the “My country, right or wrong” attitude growing out of Hollywood and Nashville with song lyrics like “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free…” when “free” is no more than an antique ideal dangled like the proverbial carrot.


That mind-set also happens to be why the immovable bipartisan dogma is so firmly ensconced in the American collective psyche. They believe that this is the only workable form of government that there is, and no new parties or ideologies are welcome or indeed workable. And it’s all because their masters tell them that it is so. Very few people actually think for themselves or dare to question authority anymore. As dangerous as it is to do nowadays, it’s as much out of fear as complacency.


300 million viewers watching zombie TV and listening to violent rap lyrics that promote killing everyone, and people are wondering why, out of that 300 million, the sour curdled cream of a war-torn, manic violence-fed society is rising to the top and killing school kids?


It’s almost unimaginable that such a scenarios would be planned by a government we have grown up being taught to trust, the laudable examples of leadership that pilot the American ship and are assigned to see that all is well on the horizon. But who is more qualified to implement such a plan through a covert mutiny than those we not only trust, but revere and worship?


The “Manchurian Candidate” scenario, in which an assassin is subliminally implanted with a code word to trigger the killing, has been cited in these horrific killings and I’ve considered it myself, but with the external influences flooding into the minds of Prozac/Zoloft/Ritalin-fed, impressionable youths, Many who have emotional problems to begin with, I hardly think that’s necessary.


I firmly believe, and it really only takes a good look at the evidence, that the government has in its plans, our total disarmament and has been just waiting for the crop of the seeds they’ve sewn to come to fruition. In this manner, there is concrete ‘plausible deniability’. It’s happening now. It’s a bumper crop indeed, and, it’s having an effect way beyond what the farmers might have hoped for. Even staunch gun owners AND sellers are caving to the idea that, “stiffer regulation” is the key.  It has been a war of attrition and not one that is inconceivable. All it took was for a panel of sociologists and psychologists to get together and say, ‘if you employ this and that method, these will be the eventual results’.


If the current flock of globalist politicians and statesmen are indeed guiding us to an existence as part of a Global collective they CANNOT allow us to continue on as a society of armed citizens. They CANNOT. As Fleet Admiral for the Japanese Navy, Isoroku Yamamoto pointed out, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” This wisdom is not wasted on those trying to bring us into the global fold and if they are successful, we will be ushered into an Orwellian future at the cost of our sovereignty.


If I thought that the rationale and reasoning behind the effort to implement a global government was to bring universal harmony and perhaps limit or even end war, I would be all for it. If I thought that we could get along peacefully in a utopian existence without the need for guns as defense and deterrent, I would be happy indeed. But that is a foolishly unrealistic expectation. Especially when we look at who is engineering this global push. World banks and mega-corporations. And they do NOT have our best interests at heart, no matter what diluted pablum they try to feed us.


Leading populations by the nose down the road to ruin, is not a difficult task. Despots down through the millennia have been doing it with surprising success. It only takes being a person with access to the resources and I daresay, the president of the United States more than qualifies.


I don’t even lay this at the feet solely of Mr. Obama because the powers that really control this world are all on the same page. They’re good at what they do and they are used to a high level of success. If you are inclined to say, “Oh hell, you’d have to be the most powerful force on the planet to pull off what you suggest…”, I rest my case.

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