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February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


I am an old hand at this. I started learning the truth when I was only 22 or 23?  Can’t quite remember. But I do remember my husband and I attended a meeting about the income tax, and how it is voluntary.   Some pretty rough looking characters said “income tax is VOLUNTARY!”  but THEN said, don’t take OUR word for it, look it up for yourself!! And so I did… wow. What an education.  When I learned the truth, I was so excited! I thought, if only people knew!  So I shared some of what I had learned and I learned MORE.  I learned that most folks didn’t want to know anything that went against what they had always believed or had been taught.

Fast forward, 30 years later.  2011, rioting in Greece.  The TSA is flexing its tyrannical muscles, sticking hands down pants right and left.  A friend of ours made trips to Greece for conferences for his work and that year he planned to go again. During a phone call before the trip, I had told him to document any TSA abuses he witnessed. But then after the call ended, I wrote him a this letter:

Dear ——

Unlike your mom, I don’t find what’s going on IN Greece as scary as what you have to DO to get there.  I’m talking about the tyrannical measures brought in to play by the TSA and Dept. of Homeland “Security”.  After I had mentioned to you that you should tape any blatant abuses by the TSA agents, I thought about it and I have changed my mind about that. There are already numerous examples on youtube. There are already numerous articles on both the right and left of the political spectrum. What we need to do is stop agreeing to the abuse. Don’t fly. Don’t comply.  Just simply knowing about the abuses of power of the government and being outraged when you hear about it is not enough.  There has to be a point where you will take a stand, otherwise it’s just lip service.

Whether you are put through the dangerous radiation full body scanners and/or have your genitals groped on the outside and/or inside of your clothing; whether this takes place at every airport or none of them; whether you are put through these procedures or escape some or all of them– this is all beside the point.

By flying anywhere, you voluntarily submit to the lawless authority of the Homeland Security’s TSA agents– agents who continue unlawfully (but so far, successfully) committing endless misdemeanors and felonies. This includes the touching of genital areas (sexual battery), strip searches in some cases, and the stealing of the travel possessions deemed to be “dangerous”.  FBI agents and police officers are (at least by law) required to have clear probably cause to engage in a bodily search on a specific person. Otherwise, they’re subject to felony prosecution.

By flying, you agree to submit and accept the increasingly intentionally degrading personal private space violation – the same treatment which incarcerated prisoners are routinely subjected.

By flying, you put more into the coffers of the airlines and with your money, you’re saying it’s OK to have your rights violated and experience degradation.

By flying, you become part of the beta test demonstration of prisoner treatment and training, which is already spreading to other areas such as train and bus terminals.

But if really none of this bothers you, then you’ll find plenty of company with the rest of the cattle who will willingly board the train car to the death camps.

I know this is harsh, especially coming from me, but if not now, when? When will be the time to give up something and fight against the continuing growing tyranny? What will it take?


We never heard from this “friend” again. And this was someone who considered himself aware of what’s going on in the world.

It’s not the first time this has happened. Even those who know some things sometimes just can’t stand the truth. And so, “friends” are lost. Or maybe he/she was never really a friend? Whatever. It is still sad after all these years. But I/we continue to stand for truth and fight against the tryanny that is ever expanding.



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