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How to Be a Successful Keynote Speaker

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November 12, 2016 in Uncategorized


Have you experienced a lot in your life? Have you grown from these experiences and become a stronger more rounded human being? If you feel as though you could affect people into achieving greatness in their lives, then becoming a keynote speaker may be the perfect career for you. It is an immensely rewarding job that if done well, will positively benefit the lives of many others. Successful key note speakers build a reputation as been able to positively encourage and move their audience, presenting a memorable experience and an entertaining evening. It is not as simple however as turning up to an event and rambling through your life story. There are key factors that you need to get right in order to be a successful keynote speaker, and you will find the basics personal and professional development

The Speech

Any speech that is intended for an entertaining event needs to have a mix of humour, story telling and a message. It also needs to be presented in a structured way, with an introduction, a body and an ending, preferably a happy one. Your speech should contain interesting and informative content and practical advice that the audience can take away with them. Although many personal anecdotes are can be highly moving and very encouraging, you should avoid any irrelevant stories or anything too personal which detracts emphasis from the point you are making. The speech should leave your audience entertained but affected, not bored.

The Audience

Some keynote speakers have one generic speech that they use for every occasion they are invited to. These speeches rarely address the audience they are made to and can put people off rather than encouraging anyone to follow their advice. It is important that when writing your speech you think about the audience in front of you. What type of event are you speaking at and what is the purpose of it? Is it a motivational corporate event or a fund raising occasion with a more reflective theme? It is important to tailor make your speech for every event you attend, otherwise you will get a bad reputation as a speaker and no one will invite you to speak again.

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