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Here Are Some Easter Gift Ideas for Babies That Are Anything But Chocolate

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November 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


Chocolate is great. Well, who are we kidding here? Chocolate is life. However, it can be the death of good dental hygiene for kids considering how much candy and chocolate they get to munch on during Halloween, Christmas and the New Year. By the time Easter arrives, babies and kids are already hooked on chocolate and parents are looking for a healthier break. Why not get your baby something different this Easter? Something much more fun and less harmful to their tiny teeth.

Rabbit plushies

Let’s face it. We have already had our share of teddy bears. It is time for something equally cute and cuddly. So why not opt for rabbit plushies with floppy ears and chubby tummies. The hypo-allergenic Easter bunnies are excellent choices for kids who are creative, active and have immense fun with their imagination. Plush Easter bunnies make lovely Easter gifts for babies. There are so many colors, sizes, and styles that you can pick a different one each Easter till your child finally steps into their teens.


Parents and kids love teddy bears alike. We all remember that one teddy we used to tug around with us to birthday parties, family trips, and bed every night because their magical powers kept the monsters away. Your child can also find their own Mr. Cuddles with a little help from you. Teddies come in all shapes, shades, and sizes. It makes it so much easier to pick the right one your child will love forever. Make sure to choose one that is hypoallergenic, and it should not have small parts that can pose a choking hazard.

Bunny coloring books

This Easter let your child’s imaginations soar. Easter themed coloring books make to your kid. It is a fantastic way to keep kiddy-art off walls and on the paper. Give your child the artistic release they deserve. Apparently, adding a bunch of non-toxic, kid-friendly and easily washable crayons to this bunch is a great idea.

Night lamps for kids

As a child, who was not afraid of that monster in the closet? You can always help your child feel safer and sleep better by opting for a sleep-friendly, Easter bunny themed night lamp for their table. They can be adorable and helpful for the kids. Pick one that is ideally non-breakable.

Bunny costume

If you are feeling low, just think of this – kids in plush bunny costumes. That is possibly the cutest thing anyone has ever seen in real life and on the internet. Plush costumes can make great Easter gifts, and they can double up as their next Halloween costume. Find something that is warm and soft. This present will surely give you some fantastic pictures for your family album too!

According to many experts, choosing gifts like these for children and babies during the Easter helps develop their creative side. It is also a much-needed break from the candy binge that starts with Halloween.

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