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Hello All From Las Vegas

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July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. Still attempting to figure out this site and not sure where this post is even going to show up. I listen to the show as often as I can on AM 790 here in Las Vegas. I am a taxi driver here, so I come into contact with people from all over the country and the world. Since people are here to have fun and let go, and I work for tips,  I tend to not talk too much about politics to my customers unless they bring up a subject first. Thanks to the site and the show, I am informed enough to sometimes give the random liberal – globalist an information smack down, hopefully causing them to think a bit about what they are supporting.

It looks like this is virgin territory for groups in this area. Still not sure if I have the time to lead the charge and get things going here, as I know that once you start, you cant stop. I have been pondering it now for a while and am leaning toward diving in, but not sure if I am able to afford the sacrifice and consequences such a move would bring.

Anyways, Nice to meet you all, and we will see what the future brings.

(I am attempting to find this post on the site where everyone else can see it, but cant seem to find where it published. Isn’t there a general section for introduction and basic meet and greet outside of a specific topic? I also cant seem to find the forums.)

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  1. thanx for posting this. ive been in vegas for a while but wasnt aware we could listen to infowars anywhere but the interwebs..790 huh? ill have to donate.. if you woulden’t mind, what time does the show air? we need to pass out flyers and magazines on the strip…$#!t….if they can pass out smutt we should be able to pass out truth….or at least a mostly realistic perspective lol

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