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December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized



On Saturday, a CNN reporter publicly called for banning guns because of the Connecticut school shooting. It was obvious this little girl has never been put into a position imminent attack. So instead of having a gun to deter crime, we are to call someone to BRING A GUN to deter crime. How foolish!

The loss of one life is tragic, let alone 28. The sad thing is, if someone there had been armed, the loss of life would have been much less. The State of Israel requires armed adults in every school. There have been no school shootings since that policy was implemented. If you shoot at a cop, he will shoot you. If you shoot a soldier in battle, he will shoot you. If you shoot at the average armed individual, he will shoot you. If you shoot at kids in a school, you can continue shooting until you run out of ammunition.

The State of Connecticut already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Adding more laws to those will only insure that only cops and criminals will have guns.

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Arming teachers worked for Israel and Thailand

Gun control kills!
Gun control kills!
Gun control kills!

Israel and Thailand are countries where the threat of a school shooting is the highest. Sunni Jihadists have targeted young children for murder in these nations.

Unlike Obama, Micheal Moore, and others who demand that potential victims be further disarmed, Israel and Thailand responding by giving potential victims more guns.

School teachers in Israel and Thailand now carry concealed handguns on the job. In areas where the threat is the greatest, teachers have been given free guns.

These programs have been a phenomenal success and saved scores, if not hundreds of lives. In May of 2002 alone, Sunni Jihadists were repelled at two Israeli schools before any innocent people were killed. An Israeli teacher shot a killed a suicide bomber before he could detonate his bomb. A second Jihadist at another school fled when confronted with armed teachers.

Israel once had a policy of victim disarmament. Israeli citizens were told they couldn’t have guns. They were told the government would protect them. Then came numerous horrible massacres in the 1970′s.

In March of 78′ there was the Herzliyah School Bus Massacre. 37 children were killed and 76 were wounded by Jihadists. In 1974, school children were attacked during a field trip to a tobacco farm. 25 people were killed and 66 wounded by Jihadists.

Israeli citizens then rejected the idea that big government would protect them and demanded guns. Today Israel citizens enjoy Texan style gun rights. Israeli citizens can lawfully use lethal force to protect both person and property with no “duty to flee.” The country is much safer as a result.

A “gun free zone” is nothing more than a victim disarmament zone. An advertisement to predators that they will have an easier time committing crimes. Elementary school teachers with handguns in Israeli and Thailand have saved lives time and time again.

Would it surprise anyone that the Aurora, Colorado theater where the batman massacre took place has a “gun free zone” sign? Did you know that thirteen Colorado cities passed their own strict gun control laws and Aurora passed the strictest one of all?

Obama’s hometown, Chicago, has the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Every weekend is another bloodbath of gun violence. Thugs are slaughtering innocent people with impunity every day. Obama wishes to turn the entire nation into one giant Chicago. The murder rate in Chicago is soaring even though it is flat nationwide.

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