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December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized





Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)


Now that you know that “the world is a manifestation of the
mental activity which goes on within yourself” (Neville
Goddard/ Awakened Imagination), what do you think it is that man
could do that would be considered the greatest sin of all, so great
that according to the biblical story, God even regrets the whole
creation, decides to exterminate everything and start over from


”And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the
earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart
was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5)


According to the literal interpretation, we may, mistakenly, think it
is told of a terrible punishment, and wonder about God’s reliability
as one that does things and then regrets them and decides to wipe
them off without considering the moral cost of such an act. But with
the Spiritual interpretation we see, as surprizing as it may sound,
that the flood turn out to be an act of Mercy.


God, Yehova, is I AM, and I AM realizes that everything that I think
and imagine comes to pass in my visible reality. With this mental act
I actually Create my own world. Everything that I have created so
far by thinking, is not to my liking. If I encounter undesirable states
in my visible reality, then it must mean that there is something very
wrong that I am doing mentally. Therefore, I will have to observe
my thoughts and control them. If there are thoughts that I don’t
wish to manifest, then I have to wash them away from me, and
replace them with others. I must understand that a thought has no
existance of its own. If there is a thought, there must also be The
Thinker of that thought, the one that thinks it, that by thinking it
gives it life. The Thinker (and not the thought) is I AM and it is all
up to me. You are not repsonsible for the thoughts that keep
popping up in your head. You cannot stop thinking. However, you
are responsible for chosing which thought you want to keep and
identify with, for it will manifest in your visible reality.


Did it ever happen that you asked yourself: “ Where did I go
wrong? Can I have a second chance?” This is exactly the case.
The second chance you are being given. How? By the flood.
Water, and lots of it. As said before, Water in scripture represents
Truth. The Truth says that you are in the center of everything that
you behold, and that you are the source of everything that takes
place in your world. Knowing this, wouldn’t you like to improve your
mental activity which goes on within yourself?


This improvement of ones mental activity is the real meaning of
repentance. In all religions the act of repentance in symbolized by
cleansing with water, but it is not the external act of baptism, (or
whatever the particular religion calls it) that determines the
repentance. It is the thing that is symbolized by this act, meaning
immersing in Truth, accepting it, and radically changing in the way
of thought. As long as you do not acknowledge that, no matter
how many times a day you go to the mosque, the church or the
mikve, expecting the desired change will be in vain.


The flood is the cleansing. It is not a punishment and it is not told
of an historical disaster. It is told of you, and the gift that you are
given in an act of Mercy- namely, the ability to improve your world.


If we live in a certain reality, it is because we attract this reality with
of our way of thought, which is usually controlled by negative
thoughts and emotions.


Being “rational” people we even like our negative thoughts and
emotions. We like to define ourselves as “reasonable” beings, and
to us there is nothing nobler than to have to deal with reality, the
more “seriously” the better. Being “reasonable” we also believe all
the evidence that this reality gives, and it indeed makes us feel a
certain way, not always pleasant. Dwelling in those feelings, and
identifying with them as ourselves by merely saying “I” to them, we
actually create more events that will make us feel the same way,
and we find ourselves inside a cycle from which there is no way
out. When you identify with your thoughts and feelings they
become who you are, and who you are being the one that attracts
the reality in which you live, you then sentence yourself to more
feelings of the same kind. If you say, for example, I am miserable,
then you cannot be anything else but miserable, and reality does
not delay the evidence to verify this statement of yours.


We are not dragged into whirlwinds of events randomly. We create
them in our imagination whether aware of it or not. Maybe it is still
hard to accept this idea, but this is The Truth from which there is
no escape. We do it morning noon and night, whether we like it or
not, whether we accept this fact or not. Therefore it is very
important that we are aware of the fact that we constantly create
our world, and that we must change the way we think. As said
before, life is a constant reply to things that we ask for
unconsciously. Therefore there must be an act of cleansing, not
physical but mental- the true Metanoia. The physical act will not
change anything unless you consider it a symbol to the mental act.
You can immerse everyday for the rest of your life, and still
nothing will change unless you consider your mental cleansing.


Be aware of your thoughts, observe them and control them. You
can hear them when they take the shape of inner talking. Yes, all
those conversations that we do with ourselves, in which we justify
our feelings, and give a “logical” response to whatever happens
around us. You have to know that these are only thoughts, and
that they have no existence of their own. A thought cannot think.
You, on the other hand, can think. The One that thinks it is you,
and by doing so you give the thought life. This is indeed a very
important principle, assuming that every thought will manifest in
your visible world.


If you read and understood what is written here so far, you were, in
fact, introduced to The Law of Attraction that says that it is you that
attracts your reality, and are the only Cause of everything that you
behold, because your life is your inner activities pushed out.


The next story is a true and personal one. I choose to tell it
because it is a good example for what was said here so far.


I was brought up and raised in a Jewish house. My childhood’s
central figure was my grandfather, an affable and well educated
person that tended to keep the spark of tradition by doing the usual
religious decrees, and to that exactly I relate my story that
happened about 25 years ago.


One of the decrees that my grandfather kept, was laying the
phylacteries. He would rise every morning at dawn and say the
dawn prayer. Now, it is known that religious people relate to the
phylacteries and all kinds of religious icons, powers and unique
qualities which from this stand point seems pretty idolatrous. Soon
you will see why this kind of belief is so forbidden.


Well, so it happened that one morning, my grandfather accidentally
dropped the phylacteries and they fell on the floor. I think that
maybe even one of the boxes cracked, but I am not sure about
that detail. My grandfather that was horrified, was so afraid that
something terrible might happen because he accidentally dropped
the phylacteries on the floor, and therefore he rushed to the rabbi
to take his advice of what he should do. The rabbi told him that he
should fast for seven days and the deed will be forgiven. But
grandpa was a sick person and had to take his medicine daily, so
that he could not fast more than three days. This, of course, did
not satisfy his conscience, and the fear of the terrible disaster
coming, kept eating him from within.


About a month later, my cousin, a six years old boy, was killed in a
car accident when he was coming back home from school. Of
course my grandfathers conscience tortured him from the inside.
He was sure that he was to blame for that, for it was predicted
because he dropped the icons. About three months after that my
grandfather died of heart attack.


I remember a great mourning in the family, both for my grandfather
and cousin. I also remember the very common saying that was in
almost every mouth, saying that when troubles come, they come in
a bunch. Even then I didn’t believe that a couple leather stripes
with a box attached to their end, and a note hand made inside it,
could have caused these disasters. Nevertheless, I was always
disturbed by the question about the thing that could have caused
them, and in such contiguity to the incident of dropping the icons
by accident, as if verifying my grandfather’s fears. Why did God
the all mighty, choose to punish my grandfather that was a just
person, for this unintended mistake? And not only my grandfather
but also my aunt and her family. Why did all these things happen
to us?


I must admit I was angry. There was even a time when I denied
God’s existed, at least the one that I was familiar with through
my grandfather. I felt a great disappointment. Nevertheless, I knew
that if this god is not the answer to my questions, then there must
be another explaination, so I kept looking. At first, all I could come
up with were half truths, that each time made me think that I found
the answer. They were all sufficiently convincing for the moment,
but there was always a better one that soon came instead. Only
now, that I’ve found this Truth, I can say that I know the answer
and everything sets perfectly, like the pieces of a huge puzzle that
find their places and the whole picture starts to take a clear shape.


One of the first things that I learned was that God does not always,
and is not supposed to always, create only wonderful things, and if
anyone tells you otherwise, don’t believe him.

See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I
kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any
that can deliver out of my hand. (Deuteronomy 32:39)

Indeed, there is not even one that can escape God’s hand. Can
man escape of himSelf? Can anyone escape of what goes on
inside his head? This will be the same as wanting to escape from
your shadow. You are the one that attracts everything that you
see. If you don’t like what you see, then the purpose of this is
repentance. It is always for your own good, if you know what to do
with it.

“The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the
wicked for the day of evil.” (Proverbs 16:4)

The purpose is for you to find that thing in you that attracts the
undesirable appearnace, be conscious of it, admit it. Once you
have done that, transform it so that you dont have to deal with
such undesirable appearances ever again. With this kind of
attitude, we improve constantly and we transform constantly. The
aim is to come to a degree of awareness high enough, from which
we can attracts to ourselves more desirable appearances.


“I, and I alone, AM thus preparing your human mind so that,
when you turn within to Me in abiding Faith and Trust, I can
enable you to see and bring into outer manifestation the
Reality of these things which now seem so unsatisfactory.”
(The Impersonal Life/ Joseph Benner)

Man’s imagination is the creative power. Do you want to call it
God? Go ahead, or were you expecting fire works and bells ringing
when you found out who it is that stands behind everything that
happens to you?


Does it sound refuted? Baseless? Blasphemous? Well maybe at
this stage it does, but one has to acknowledge the fact that the
reality in which he lives, is the manifestation of the mental activity
that goes on within. This is what attracts reality, and what there is
no escape from, because we do it morning noon and night, whether
aware of it or not.


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