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Frustration Trying to Wake Up “Zombies”

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December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


I have been following Alex Jones for about a year and a half now.  I have been trying to wake people up and am about to give up altogether.  I live in urban northern New Jersey and am surrounded with so-called “Zombies.”

I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the brick walls I am encountering with people.  I feel like no matter what the subject, I can get these people 99% on the verge of understanding, and then they go into a loop, argue with unrelated topics, and go back to beleiving what they choose to beleive.

I would think that self-proclaimed liberals and conservatives alike, who claim to be open-minded, would accept that clearly the path they have chosen based on their current way of thinking has not gotten them far, so maybe someone else’s idea would work.  But yet they seem so bent on blocking it out when I try to explain to them things like why “just because you have a difficult job, it will never pay well when anyone off the street can do the job”.

Let me present a ficticious example of the logical brick walls I am encountering.

Zombie: I think that when you add 3 and 3, you get 33.
Me: That’s not really correct.  3 added with 3 results in 6.
Z: I think I am right because the 3′s put together become 33.
Me: That is wrong. 3 added with 3 results in 6.  Let me show you.  I have 3 apples, now I add 3 more apples, now there are 6 apples.
Z: Ok, I see there are 6 apples, but I still think 3 added with 3 becomes 33.
Me: But I just showed you in front of you.  What do you not understand?
Z: It doesn’t work because the corporate greed and social corruption by the republicans leads to income inequality…blah blah blah.

I go through this every day at work, outside of work, not so with family but with some friends.

We are the informed and know what is going on.  We are trying to fight the elitists, but at the risk of becoming elitist myself, I feel inclined to say “screw the Zombies, they are obviously enjoying their situation, even though it repeatedly results in negative or stangnamt results.  Let them stay back there, I will get ahead without them.”  But on some human-instinct level, when I see people doing things that gets them nowhere, I want to help.

What should I do?  How can I get through to these people?  Or should I abandon hope altogether?




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2 responses to Frustration Trying to Wake Up “Zombies”

  1. No, certainly don’t abandon hope. Stop calling them zombies. We all see the world differently, interpret life events differently according to our habits of mind; these, for some of us, learned over an already long lifetime. Many millions of people are simply unaccustomed to giving much attention at all to issues outside of their working day and weekend worlds. Images flash across the television screen, and the screen of our minds, along with sound bits of information, only to be replaced almost immediately with others, entirely different, and incongruous, or replaced by other, mundane concerns of countless varieties. That we here are aware of the very serious and dangerous situation we’re in is a blessing, for ourselves, but even more for others, even though it can feel like a curse, either now and then, or oftentimes. Keep in mind that nobody on this planet deserves what’s coming if we don’t speak and act. Abandon any notions about karma, just deserts, chickens coming home to roost, Our karma is to be here for each other, whether that’s easy or otherwise. This entirely dysfunctional, in human terms, world of ours need to be replaced with something else. Think and talk more about that. Hearts and minds will be much easier to win talking a little less about how bad things are and a little more about how good things can be. It doesn’t take 100% of the people signing-on to change the world. Many millions of people can simply come along because we make it look attractive enough, and because it seems like a path of least resistance, because others are doing it. A new Renaissance is on the horizon, which obviously needs to happen very quickly, so tell it like it is, but let your heart and mind embrace the necessity for a new age of enlightenment, as it were, and talk about that too, an age of enlightenment even more about human values than the last one. We’re really being held captive by little more than abstractions and artifice. But we the people are real, as is the earth right beneath our feet. We can and will turn our backs entirely on this corrupt social, economic and political system, and step into something quite new and interesting. Think and talk about that. It’ll be more fun and also more productive.

  2. I hear you, I’m in Central Jersey. It’s the same in this part of the state. All we can do is plant seeds. What happens is something triggers those seeds to germinate and grow and their eyes open. God Bless, keep holding the line in Northern Jersey. Have a Blessed New Year, MOLON LABE!!!

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