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Free energy explained

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February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized



I wanted to discuss today with you such phenomena as Aurora Borealis. Many people have seen it on pictures, some of you who’ve been around northern latitudes seen this live and it is very beautiful.


Quite often, when people ask for the first time: “hey, what’s that light is all about?” scientists are ready with predefined answer and dogmatic theories like this one (wikipedia and other sources):

This is natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth’s magnetic field into the atmosphere. The Earth’s magnetic field looks like that of a dipole magnet where the field lines are coming out and going into the Earth near the poles. The auroral electrons are thus guided to the high latitude atmosphere. As they penetrate into the upper atmosphere, the chance of colliding with an atom or molecule increases the deeper they go.

The plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun is called ecliptic and while Earth is rotating around the Sun through its path, Sun’s particles are coming directly to the Earth, most of it lands around equator, but scientific theory assumes that since magnetic field enters atmosphere in a shape of thorus, so aurora lights do the same, creating circle or oval around Earth’s poles, since sun particles sort of “flow” along the magnetic lines toward the atmosphere.

solar wind

However, during times of increased solar activity, meteorologists are forecasting some malfunctions of radio and electronic devices and it happens even around equator, when Sun’s particles have enough energy to penetrate atmosphere and cause some problems not just for the satellites, but also on a ground level. Surprisingly we don’t see auroras at that time everywhere, though it increases around Earth’s poles.

To research different things around polar areas, NASA launched several satellites; one of them called IMAGE sent some pictures on a significant date Sep-11, 2005. They’ve combined several pictures taken on different dates and created a movie which is available here

fake aurora

Honestly, I’ve been shocked when I’ve seen this photo. You can find multiple pictures like this all over the internet, it is called “aurora_img_2005254.jpg” and it is so low quality Photoshop’s fake, so you even can see round shaped brush strokes and blur filter applied on top. They didn’t even care about difference in color, looks like they’ve been in such a rush to produce this lie or may be they have outsourced it to some college student abroad, I don’t know. What’s more shocking is the movie itself. You can see on a photo and in a movie that there is no a single star in space, when Earth is rotating, clouds are staying in the same positions, etc. For me it is obvious that is was a simple rotated 3-D model of ideal sphere with constant texture on top and very lame Photoshop job was done to produce a thorus shaped “aurora” needed to support scientific theories and cover a truth about what really happens on Earth’s poles. You still can see this movie at http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=6226 and please download it urgently, because quite often NASA removes their fakes when it becomes obvious to the public. Those who saw real aurora borealis know that it spread around like curtains for very long distances. Take a look on a real photo taken from International Space Station:

ISS views

You can enjoy beautiful views of planet Earth taken from ISS and those aurora borealis curtains here:
You can see thunderstorms, lightnings, clouds and see how different this movie is from the NASA’s fake one.

Not so long ago our dear credible NASA launched another satellite named “Suomi NPP” full of cameras and other detecting devices to research North Pole. As time passes all people can finally see how billions of their tax money are working, it is available on a NASA WEB site. Here it is, another 3-D movie:

NPP bear

This is NPP bear, not views from the space. This multibillion bear saying by kid’s voice: “Ma-a-am…what happens with ice? Why it’s melting?” And bear’s mom explains how terrible, terrible people don’t want to reduce their carbon footprint, so 3-D NPP bear can find more fish to eat. Being hungry is not fun, you know…these US taxpaying peasants are so stupid, so they will eat it too, I mean 3-D movies, they got used to movies, you know…That’s what they need, you know… Take a look guys

And this is just a beginning, because they also produced “views from space”, because NASA is a space agency, you know… Take a look

NPP Suomi views

There is definitely a progress in terms of fake technologies. I assume they fired that college student and hired someone more professional, or may be it is the same guy, but he was promoted, got some experience, probably couple of other students helping him, but still best guys are in the Martian Program. What we can see here is well blurred ideal sphere; they learned how to produce stars behind, because probably that guy didn’t get a bonus last time for such obvious mistake. Clouds — that’s the problem, with all these crisis and credit crunch problems, clouds in a movie can cost more, so Earth is without it this time. How come? Did they lose a file with clouds texture from the previous movie? I don’t know, but it is not a most important thing here. Suomi NPP supposes to be a polar satellite, remember? And here we have a view from ecliptic, Earth’s poles are missed completely, no auroras at all, not even a fake one! That’s boring.

All right, folks, enough for the introduction and let’s talk about what’s going on at North Pole, what are they hiding there and constantly sending satellites to research it? Multiple things, but I’d like to point to one of the most important one for humanity. Earth is the huge generator, producing magnetic field which protects us from Sun’s radiation. Those, who more or less know about generators know that it produces magnetic field AND electricity. In case of Earth we have electric current in our atmosphere which is flowing from North Pole to South Pole and that’s what causing our auroras. That’s why auroras have shape of curtains and not glowing thorus around poles. That’s why we have thunderstorms, because we don’t use this energy and it discharges in forms of lighntings all the time.


Even long time ago, sailors constantly saw, so called “St. Elmo’s fire” on their masts when enough moist exist in the air, so atmospheric currency which flow above our heads can discharge into the waters of oceans.

St Elm lights

This is FREE energy guys, which is constantly flowing in our atmosphere and it is not that far to reach, you literally need to lend a hand and take it. First guy who realized it was Tesla, he didn’t lend a hand, but he lend, so called “Tesla tower” in 19′s century. More than hundred year ago!

Tesla towers

What do we have here as a result? Do we have happy humans jumping around and having fun, because of free energy? Nope. We have a slave planet here and disgraced Tesla who’ve been attacked by JP Morgan till the end of his life in order to hide this secret and make us believe that we have to pay to those oil folks, just because they are cool. We have here fuming cars, dangerous nuclear plants, at least hundred years of delay in energy science and few happy oil moguls, supporting wars all over the planet to take over oil resources. They think it is fair.

Perendev generators

And this is not all, guys. Since Tesla, we had numerous researchers who tried to build free energy generators, but this field is much more dangerous than any minefield in Iraq and Afghanistan — many of them were killed, a lot of them are in jails, because World Government do not want us to know the secret — we’ve got our own bodies for free, we’ve got free water, free growing food by itself, we’ve got our land for free and we’ve got a free energy too. Since Tesla many companies started industrial production of free energy generators, like Perendev Power International AG, for example. What happened with that company — EADS (European analogue of NASA) bought it, put CEO to jail and we don’t have free energy generators anymore.

End of story.

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  1. so put up blueprints on something simaler to the tesla towers and blow it up over the info wars website and have non sheeple build them at affordable costs. someones gonna have to lose money cause there isnt enough people in the world who can afford a 1000 doller machine or a huge bill for the equipment, outa the question maybe but hell its a start some sacrifice is gonna have to take place for something like this to thrive

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