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Forget faux patriotism, it`s time to simply grow up

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February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


If you`re going to open yourself up to listening to people, then really open yourself up. It`s time we all thought deeply about to whom we listen to, and why.

I would humbly suggest, and highly recommend listening to this speech, because I feel it offers an insight into culture, tradition, racism, religious folly, and the dangers of it. It exposes facts about each and every one of us, and is uncomfortable to hear at times, but that is exactly what is needed.

We do ourselves and no other any justice if we allow our mind to become inhibited by any single belief, and it absolutely murders the ability to think truly critically. It also takes us out of becoming the solution if we obsess on irrelevant details of a problem.

We must become the solution for all humanity, not the distracted opposition of those trying to splinter us.


Be warned! This is eye opening to hear such language at times from a sweet old man, but I would love anyone to dispute his totally unbiased way of seeing his world today.

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