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Was the meteorite shot out of sky?

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February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


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7 responses to Was the meteorite shot out of sky?

  1. In this video I tried to disclose what really hapenned in Chelyabinsk suburb Cherbarkul. Why this area is so speacial? And what preceded this prophetic event! You will see now a 20 years old prophecy unveiled. Actually in The Chebarkul lived exactly 20 years ago a Big Prophet and an Angel Lad Vyacheslav, all his short LIfe he was prophetising about this comet and Apokalyptic events that will shake our Earth in nearest Future! Nobody belived him until 911 hapenned exactly as he prophesysed still during Soviet era! But then people forgot that althought Bible clearly warns “Despise not prophesyings.” So its apparent that ALmighty Creator just had to remind to bogged in Sins Home Sapiens that if they don’t Repent, the Meteor will seem as visit to planetarium, comparing to what we shall expect. THis video is shot as special tribute to Alex Jones and to all folks who fight the NWO!


  2. i dont think the fire hole is related.. so whoever put the vid together is a pos disinfo agent..

  3. This is terrible. This was clearly a natural occurrence. The meteorite exploded naturally. Whats wrong with just pure and simple explanations of things. This is so lame and Im sick of fake, ridiculous conspiracies that saturate the conspiracy world with laughable BS that only serves to make truthers look like paranoid idiots. Even Jones knows that this is natural . Whats wrong with you?


      Stop making up rediculous videos and Elaine, stop buying into every conspiracy on youtube.Either your critical thinking skills or your general education in science are lacking bigtime. Sometimes you post good articles but then once in a while you post this crap.Give your head a shake. Im so fucking sick of pseudoscience its not even funny!

      • As destructive as this meteor my have been, it was actually very beautiful and spectacular to watch it; to have the video footage of this caliber available for the world to see. Its amazing but you take away from the beauty of the occurrence by posting this crap. Not everything that happens in the universe is conspiratorial in nature. Sometimes God sends meteors to earth okay. Stop giving globalists credit for everything that happens. This is so stupid.

    • Thank you bitz for your responses. What’s wrong with me is I don’t know a THING about meteorites and how they are supposed to act. There are many things regarding this I wanted to post but it’s still kind of fresh news and I don’t know what to believe. Some are saying it was not a meteorite at all. Russians say they found no trace of one. Others say if it were one it would have done a lot more damage to the frozen body of water. I just do not know. It is getting harder and harder for me to distinguish between truth and fiction and especially something I know nothing about. The only reason I posted this one was I thought it was amazing footage. Sorry to disappoint. I will change the title to “WAS” it shot down?

      • Ok, we just have to be careful with fresh news not to jump onto bandwagons. Meteors like this testify to the fact that God alone is the master of the universe and that the globalists are subject to Him no matter how much power they try to grab. I want to give credit where credit is due. Peace.

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