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Exclusive Racism

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February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized




This is ironic. A while ago I posted a photo on Facebook, of the Obamas with funny expressions on their faces gazing longingly at a banana someone was holding. Anyone who knows me knows I am vocally anti-Obama, and my point in posting the picture was that the president obviously had his mouth full and yet was looking greedily at this other person’s banana. It was a commentary on his GREED, not his race. I didn’t even consider that until the accusations of “RACIST” started to pour in. I submit to those people that made the Black/monkey/banana connection, that they are the racists for recognizing and making an issue of it. It is the very exclusivity of racism that, if anything, makes it ‘racist’.


The real crux of the issue is people want a vehicle to support their reasons to feel sorry for themselves and the rest of humanity is too pussified to say, “Oh, man up and get over it!” The irony about racism is that the people who recognize it and make an issue of it, are more racist than the people they condemn. If you try to not recognize our differences, you’re deliberately blinding yourself. The differences between us should be celebrated, not vilified. Also there is nothing wrong with racial pride until you let yours supersede everyone else’s or try to deny someone theirs. Personally I don’t take any particular pride in my whiteness but I am proud of my Viking heritage. I hope this puts the issue of my being racist to bed, but that’s probably too much to ask for.


Recently Michael Richards, Seinfeld’s whacky character, Kramer, responded in court with the following statement to the accusation that his stand-up act contains racist material. I applaud Michael Richards for speaking out.


“Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.


And then there are just Americans.


You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you.. so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.


You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day.


You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.


You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists. If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.


If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.


If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.


We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??


A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.


If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.


There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US … Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.


In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.


You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.


I am proud…… But you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists??


There is nothing improper about this message.. Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on. I sadly don’t think many will. That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves!




It’s not a crime YET… but getting very close!”



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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Speaking as a white man, with, incidentally, black, and mixed race family, I am constantly bemused by this issue. What makes it less easy to fathom, is that it is predominantly white people that actually perpetuate this nonsense. Pride is a gift all of us should enjoy, and I for one won`t have my pride trodden upon. I celebrate the pride others show, be it for their nationality, their ethnicity, whatever. Without pride in ourselves what exactly are we. Being a good hearted white man feels pretty damn good everyday to me.

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