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Driving Under the Influence

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December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized




By George A. Yesthal



I get people asking me why I hate Barack Obama so much. I’d like to respond by saying first of all, that I appreciate that it’s extremely hard to be the president of the United States. And I believe that the average Joe’s understanding of what it means to be in that position is so inadequate that even the most aware of us misunderstands what he has to deal with. So, being a very vocal critic of the president, I have to admit that at the outside, maybe 75% of what I believe is completely off base. I know that the magnitude of the pressure he must face is staggering and for that alone he should be respected.


That being said, there’s the 25% (or so) that I am correct about and that’s still very serious. The signing of the NDAA and the drone strikes that he off-handedly authorizes, which have an approximate average of 70-85% collateral damage rate, and I’m not even going to get into all the things I’ve written about ad nauseam before this. But presidents are always going to have to make decisions that are unpopular and I realize that there’re a lot of things any president might do that won’t sit right with me. Such is life.


My main problem with Barack Obama is his motives and the sneaky way he chooses to get things done. He is consorting and cozying up with all the Globalist mega-powers and trying to sell us on the philosophy that making America part of the New World Order is for the greater good. Now of course his supporters will, and do chide me for my mistrust but I was raised in a country that did not sell out to any foreign power and jealously guarded its constitutional and sovereign rights. Our founding fathers went so far as to define them as “inalienable”. The America I grew up in valued, above all, our liberties and our sovereignty. If we are brought into the globalist fold, we lose that. Make no mistake.


How can that be “the greater good”? Whittling America down to a nice manageable entity works for the rest of the world, which includes North Korea, China, Russia, etc. Now, if “the common good” means being taken down a notch and being “put in our place, I’m definitely against it, and why wouldn’t I be? From all I can decipher, the effort to pull us into a global unity is to uplift the standard of universal coexistence, but if the world is in a largely substandard condition, are they poised to elevate their situation on our backs? I believe it cannot be otherwise.


We already (obviously) have an enviable standard of living that, while not utopia by any means, is better than most other countries and in fact Americans are the only ones that will not benefit by joining a global union.


Everyone from liberals to moderates to even neocons and some dyed-in-the-wool conservatives seem to be buying into the whole notion of global government. The bottom line is that it is NOT good for America.


Now, people are wondering why our government seems to be making fiscal decisions that seem moronic and make no sense on even an elementary mathematics level. The short answer is this: if outside geopolitical and world banking interests want to draw America into a global union (and why wouldn’t they?), they have to offer us something. What have they got to offer? Nothing. UNLESS…they ruin our economy and standard of living, in which case we will eventually cave in to the idea that anything is better than the current state of affairs, and before you know it, we’re committed. And the word “committed” in this case, is very appropriate because “We the people” will be like a frazzled lunatic who can no longer decide for ourselves what’s best for our recovery.


Ironically, there will be no recovery. There will no longer be the option of going back to the way things were. Back to the “land of the free” as it were. And that is why it’s imperative that the nation as a whole wakes up to what is in the offing.


Why do I hate Obama? I don’t hate him, really. But I certainly don’t like, or more importantly, trust him.  Maybe his ideals are pulling him along toward what he truly believes is best for this country.  I mean look at his influences: Barack Hussein Obama Sr., Saul Alinsky, William Ayers – Mr. Ayers is an unrepentant domestic terrorist and an anti-capitalist, Mike Klonsky – He was a Maoist, a former SDS national chairman…ALL SOCIALISTS.


I’d like to think he’s leading the country guided by his ideals, but I doubt it. I’m compelled to believe that at the end of the day it’s all about power and money. There’s all this talk of the “fiscal cliff”. Well, we are charging “FORWARD” straight for it at 100 mph and Mr. Obama is in the driver’s seat. And he’s driving under influences that do not match American ideals.


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  1. I love the way you thunk, but should you hand them another drink or take the keys. If handing them another would have them stopped and arrested life could be like the America you and I both remember. The way I see it the whole lot of public servants are eating in front of starving children. Unlike you I still think there’s hope. When and if this bs go bad my plan is there’s, they could never get to work. JUST SAY NO

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