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Dr. Watson? A revolution in medicine?

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February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


Do you remember the IBM supercomputer winning at Jeopardy? Well Watson is now being put to use in other ways.  “Since Watson’s victory on Jeopardy, IBM says the supercomputer’s performance has increased by 240 percent and been used to analyze finance and health care data as well as in a university setting to research big data, analytics and cognitive computing.”

Wellpoint is already using the “Watson App” in three states, combine this with Obama care, and what do we have?  A supercomputer deciding which treatment options will be reccomended to your doctor, the same supercomputer deciding which insurance claims to pay, and I’m not sure where that is going to lead but it is a scairy thought.  In addition to the medical uses, Forbes notes that supercomputers and algortithms are beig used in legal research, music industry, and economics.

Have we reached the “singularity” mentioned by many of the futurists where computers are surpasing human intelligence?  In the PC world video one doctor even calls the data from the computer program wisdom.  Go read the below articles and see for yourself.





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