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do you think i am a targeted individual?

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December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


i am a targeted individual! i just became aware of this in the last few weeks! i can prove i am being targeted! i dont know the who or the why but please read my story and give me any input that you may have! i will do my best to explain my story, but i wont go into full details because it would make this way to long to write or read. i will do my best to give you a accurate desription and i will name names whenever i can. everything contained in this is a matter of public record and can be verified. i am not insane. ever word here is true….here is my story tell me what you think…
1970 i was five years old and entering kindergarden in the new york school system. in kinder garden i was picked out to be part of a new program in the nyc schools. it was called the i.g.c. program. it stood for intellectually gifted children. there were a total of 50 of us in the program. we were children with iqs off the charts. we were considerd the most intelligent kids in the entire state of new york. we were giving advanced studys that included, politics, releigon, science, math, english etc. we where even taught to speak french! i was actually one of the top student in the program. by the time i turned 7 year old i was fluent in french. i was reading books about the bay of pigs invasion, history, science and reading a lot about seriel killers. while being a child and reading on a college level there was ont thing that went terribly wrong. i could not write and i till cannot today. i have never had the ability to write, i annot spell, i have no use of puncuation and i cannot write a complete sentence. no one has ever been able to explain why i have no writing skills at all. it makes it very hard for me to communicate well with others. another thing i want to point out about school is we kids in the program were given little red pills to take. we were fed sugar cubes about once a week and sometimes given this grape juice. i asked my parents about this recently and my mom assured me she had no knowledge of this. i do remember it very clearly though. i did some research and found others who remember being given the same drugs yet none of us know why. ill give you some food for thaught though. of the 50 of us in the i.g.c. program almost all have had somewhat tragic lives. mot of the kids in the program have gone on to become hard core drug addicts, alcholics, some have committed suicide and we have almot all be in trouble with the law. why would a group of genious kids all end up living such tragic lives? let me continue with my story.
i am now in my 20′s i have a substantial drinking problem. i am working but way over qualified for my postion. i am lost in my mind. i dont know whati want to do with my life. i suffer severe anxiety and insomnia. i drink to relax my nerves and quiet the noise inside my head….
still in my 20′ a doctor says i might want to go to alcholics annoymouse. i start to go but it is no use. i am not interested in anything the have to say. i just want to be left alone….
mid 20′ i befriend movie actor peter greene. i become friends with this movie actor. we become very close friends. i get a phone call from him in the middle of the night. he tells me he needs my help and i must come to his home right away he needs my help. when i get to his home i find he murdered aa man right in his own living room. there was a man laying on the floor. he was completly naked anf the top of his head was blown off. there was blood and guts everywhere. it was disgusting. i threw up. peter greene wanted me to help him remove the body from his home. i said no and i left. i reported this incident to the police.
mid 20′s i become the manager of the viper room night club in los angeles. less than two months after taken the job movie actor river pheonix dies at the nightclub. i had noting at all to do with it but i was the manager so i get unwanted media attention..
mid 20′s i begin to ee a pshchiotrist, he diagnoesed me as bi-poler and puts me on medications. i was on many different types of medications. i dont know if they helped but i continues to take this pharmacutical garbage up untill last year. i quit drinking and to this day i have not had another drink.
early 30′s. i continue to take this medicine but i discovered the use of medical marijuana. my doctors agree that it is good medicine for me and i become a avid useer of medical marijuana. it is the first thing that has ever given me relief from my mind. i use medical marijuana and feel a peace unlike anyone could imagiane. it calms my nerves and i get a spiritual awakening from the use of marijuana.
early 30′s i finally obtain a job that suits me. i become the president and ceo of a publicly traded company. my life was fantastic i was on top for once in my life. i am still using medical marijuana and some of the pharmacutical medications. this is when things start getting crazy for me again. i had no idea what i was involved in at work. i belived i was just doing my job to the best of my ability. i become the subject of a fbi investigation. the governement makes a ase that my company os a front for orginized crime and that we are money laundering and commiting wide spread fraud. i was arrested as well as the people i worked for. we were charged with a who array of white collar crimes. i pleaded guilty and given 8 years of probation.
early 30′s some over theses storys overlap so just bear with me. i am not in my early 30′s my life is good and i am doing well. childhood freind david radermaker call me me on the telephone and tells me he killed a girl. he tells me a story about how he met this model and he brought her to the mountians and killed her. i did not belive a word he says and i just blew it off thinking he was crazy. i decided he was nuts and i chose to never speak with him again.
early 30′s. meet george hoopes, larry martinez, doyle hoyt, paul byrnes, eddie ortiz, rafael perez, wayne duvay, these men are known as the rampart crash unit of the los angeles police department. i befriend these men and give them moonlighting jobs working at propertys my company owns. the next thing that happens is the rampart crash scandel breaks. these men that worked for me we now being accussed of all types of crimes. i have no idea if they were giulty or not but now i am contacted by internal affairs. i am questioned and accused of being some type of leader of these men and i am forced to testify in a high profile case. i had noting to say. i have no idea what these men did but somehow it blows over for me…
mid 30′s i am arrested by the fbi in connection with my job and president of amtec communications. i answer to my charges and i am given probation.
late 30′s while still under supervision of pre-trail services i am watching a tv show called unsolved mystrys. the do a segment on a beautifull model from florida named kimberly pandellios. they give some facts of her murder. i couldent belive what i was hearing. the describe the same thing that david radamaker descirbed whan he told me he killed that girl. i was in shock and horrified. i called the number and told them what i knew. a couple homicide detective came out to talk to me a couple times but i never heard anything else.
late 30′ i was still on probation, i could not find work. every dime i had ever earned was seized by the government in connection with my white collar crimes. i was broke and couldent imagine how i would ever make a living again. by this time a was a huge medical marijuana user. i had now aquired a degree in cannabis from the university of amsterdam. i know what i was doing and i opened a medical marijuana dispensary in los angeles. i had become a high profile medical marjuana advocate and activist. i opend several more locations and was doing very well. i was making money hand over fist. my health and mind were doing very good. i was helping medical marijuana patients and i was feeling good about myself. on a cold november night my worst fear came true. i was raided by the fbi and the dea. i was arrested for possession for sales of marijuana, furnishing a plae to smoke marijuana, possession of hashish, manufactore of hashish, and money laundering. once again they governemt seized everything i owned. i was again on trial for a crime i did not commit. medical marijuana and the dispensing of it are legal in california but not leagel in the united tates of america. after a lenghty high profile trial i was convicted and sentenced to 2 years in federal prison. i went and did my time. it was crazy i was housed with a virtual whos who in the world of orginized crime. i was with every hight profile offender of the time. it was like everyone i was housed with was in the news almost every day. i was with doctors and mafia members.
late 30′s i am doing my time in federal prison. i am once again contacted by the homicide detetives in redagrd to the deat of kimberly pandelios. the tell me that david radamaker is her killer and they need me to testify in court. radermaker was still claiming to be innocent but i testified to the best of my ability. while i was on the stand something i said sparked a emotional response from radermaker. he jumped up in ipen ourt and screamed at me “if you think what i did to oher was bad wait till you see what i do to your sister” that was it a confession in open court. that was it for him. life without the possibility of parole. once again i was in the news and not wanting to be there.
late 30′s very close friend actor robert pastorelli commits suicide. the gun he used was a gun i gave him as a birthday present many years prior to his suicide. no media attention for me. i just feel terrible about what he had done.
i am now 47 years old. due to the situations in my life i suffer from post tramatic stress disorder. i am nervous and shake all the time. i am still a medical marijuana patient and i do not use anything else for my conditions. i have not taken so much as a cough drop in the last 2 years. was feeling much better untill now. recently i was notified by may family that they belive i am a drug addict. i dont know what they are basing this on but i do not use drugs nor have i ever used any drug that were not prescribed to me and i have never used anything in excess. my family is saying the my medical marijuana is a drug and that i am addicted. i dont feel i am but do to the threat of being cut off from my family i agreed to go to rehab. i am on a waiting list right now to go in. i am not happy about it and i will continue to smoke marijuana as soon as i get out of rehab. i dont know why my family is putting this pressure on me to make me stop the only thing in my life that has ever made me feel good.
so this is my story. i hope i am not forgetting anything. my questions to you are this? what do you think? am i a targeted individual? who and why am i involved with all this insanity? how does a guy with a 176 iq end up broke and pennyless? why is this happening to me? who is doing it to me? i would love to hear your comments? if you have questions or want to verify that my story is true please contact me..almost everything here is a matter of public recored and i can prove it all to be true. i am just a little guy trying to get back on my feel. please help me with some input..

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