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Disagree with Alex Jones

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November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


Today Alex Jones has a “Constitutional Lawyer” on as a guest that doesn’t like the word “secession”. You guys don’t get it! YOU CAN NOT WORK WITHIN THIS SYSTEM ANYMORE! Why is that so hard to understand? Why would we want to go through the trouble of seceding, just to put ourselves back into this corrupt union again? This kind of talk is pointless. We need to seced and ienter into a confederacy with Texas. Then we could print our own currency and back it with oil and gas reserves.

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4 responses to Disagree with Alex Jones

  1. False flag gentlemen? They have already done that. They won’t hesitate to do it again. No sirs, secession, real secession is the answer. Texas needs to go first, then other states who want can enter into a Confederation with the Lone Star state. Texas could back its currency with oil and gas reserves, something tangible our economy will be better, we will be more free and we can finally be rid of the globalist empire.

  2. Restored republic? Checks and balances? They are long gone gentlemen. Long gone.

  3. Secession does run the risk of causing a false flag on the USA that no doubt will be blamed on the radical and vile Texan militia evil doers. But one way or the other this ball needs to get rolling. It’s better to be driving the process than be driven. Keeps ‘em off balance.

  4. The point is to secede from the current corrupt globalists conquered system in order to reinforce checks and balances so we can prevent future corruption to the restored republic.

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