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October 15, 2017 in Uncategorized


I can almost understand why people don’t want love. As good as love feels, it hurts bad to lose someone you love. Yet to never love at all would be the saddest thing ever. Despite everything that’s happened I wouldn’t trade love for the world. I’d give my life if I had to for my love. It’s impossible to imagine how good true love is. The world romanticizes because they don’t really know.

Yeah I keep repeating the word love for lack of better terminology. I made the mistake before of believing that I have to open up my heart… what I didn’t realize is our love was already from within. Fortunate barely begins to described how much of a blessing my love is. Grateful hardly describes the depths of my gratitude to the Creator simply for her existence. I know she doesn’t and might not ever fully understand how much her impact has been positives on many lives. Those who refused to receive love was because they likely they didn’t have any. As for me, as soon as she begun to love herself the attractiveness was like magnetic. Females were taught to use their appearances to draw in a mate but soulfully that’s not how love works. A word of advice, real men doesn’t want a doll. We like women who are feminine in essence, looks are secondary and can be deceptive… spiritual, feel and the truth are what’s really important.

Maybe because I have no one to really talk to about this stuff is why I keep on coming back here to write about love and such. I think a big mistake people make is they act like love is a performance and it’s all for show and not for a soul connection. People date instead of focusing on eternity. I’ve never had a girlfriend because I wasn’t into fooling around with love. Sex is great but not when it costs you.. and I ain’t talking about money either but at the expense of soul. It makes sense now why I always felt like females were trying to get a piece of me. I’ve had many throw themselves at me but please miss me with that shit. I don’t find regret pleasurable. People who do things for the moment probably doesn’t realize that it lasts. The moment is now and continuous…. sigh.. out here stating obvious things once again. I might as well get some rest soon. Being in love really is the best thing that could ever happen.


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