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February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized



The subject video covers the escalating tensions between China and Japan over ownership of the disputed Senkaku islands. Maybe this is all a bluff. I hope so. Maybe China is flexing their muscle to drive home to the Japanese that war with China is futile. I hope so, but here’s the problem.

Many wars have started because of pride. Many wars have started because of miscalculation. Keep in mind there are 10′s of thousands of military personnel on both sides in the area. Most have weapons or control weapons. Many decisions have to be made in seconds. All it would take is for someone on either side to fire a missile and shoot down a plane or sink a ship. Then it’s on.

Because of the treaty with the United States, Japan relies on our military protection. The Chinese have long memories. It is in their tradition to remember events that took place 100 years ago the same as if it was yesterday. They remember the “rape of Nanking”. That resulted in the killing of over 500,000 Chinese by the Japanese in WWII. The Chinese remember the colonization of China by the British. The Chinese remember the exploitation of some of their ancestors in the U.S. in the 1800′s. Some of their military leaders have said publicly, that war with the U.S. is inevitable. Let’s hope this isn’t it. Let’s hope that war will never happen.

Chinese Troop Movements Signal War?

Created: 2013-02-11 10:56 EST

Category: China
Tanks, one by one, moving along a main road in China’s coastal Fujian province. Driving up speculations that the Chinese military may be warming up for war. 
Local residents took these pictures between February 3 to February 6. At times, the line of tanks and artillery blocked traffic for several miles. 
And it wasn’t just in Fujian province. These military vehicles were spotted further up the coast, in neighboring  Zhejiang province. According to dissident website, molihua.org, these tanks in Hubei province are being transported from a military base to the coast.
The troop movements come after months of escalating tensions between China and Japan over the disputed territory of the Diaoyun, or Senkaku islands and they’re known in Japan. It’s caused international worries that the two countries may be on the cusp of war. Both sides have scrambled jets and warships in the region. In January, during naval exercise near the disputed waters, Chinese warships reportedly directed their targeting radar at a Japanese vessel. 
On February 7, State-run Global Times published this article saying there is a “serious possibility” a military conflict may flare up between China and Japan. It continues to say that fewer and fewer people are hopeful for a peaceful resolution to the Diaoyu Island crisis. 
Are we in a countdown to war between China and Japan? NTD will continue to keep you posted as the situation develops.

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