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Chemtrails?? Sydney NSW – They Poison our Air

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January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized


Hi Guys,

Are these Chemtrails? I tried to get answer out of Government, all i got was delays and requests for my personal info , and i just feel they going to give me excuses, runarounds till i give up. Sometimes i dont know why i even bother and think to just accept. Sometimes i really envy the sheep and ignorance others have, must be bliss not knowing whats going on, or easier to be told what to believe.


My letter and Response from North Sydney Council Member Jilly Gibson

Dear Jilly,

Do you know or can you please explain what this is Attached picture – line across the sky.

I could jump to conclusions and assume its Chemtrails – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory
However i wanted to ask if you are aware of this and why it is there.
If you don’t know, might i assume you would want to?

Some say Engine pollution but I sincerely doubt it. There is heaps of info on this http://wtfrly.com/2012/08/17/conspiracy-analysts-introduction-to-chemtrails/#.UKWAGofqnO4

I am hoping you can provide some light on this and if it is indeed not for human benefit, please inform the public this is going on.

Kind Regards,
Crowsnest resident

North Sydney Council has received your recent email and Council Officers will process your correspondence for action.

Your email address is the only contact detail supplied to Council.

It would be appreciated if you would please supply Council with your postal address. This will allow us to record your correspondence in our corporate record management system, which assists us in managing our response to you and any further correspondence on the issue.

Yours faithfully,


Per: PK

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6 responses to Chemtrails?? Sydney NSW – They Poison our Air

  1. yup. pretty typical looking chemtrail.
    you can see all the crap streaming away from the chemtrail like throwing a fistful of flour, but on a much greater scale.
    i’ve noticed that on still days they chemtrail directly overhead at night so come daytime, the sky is covered from horizon to horizon with hazy crap.
    on windy days they seem to chemtrail upwind (in the case of auckland nz, out over the tasman sea), so by the time the chemtrails hit land, it looks like a big front rolling in, but with no change on the barometer.
    on one level, chemtrails seem to suck water out of the air and rain out at sea instead of on land.
    i’ve noticed many chemtrails in old movies, so they’ve been at it for a while.
    i reckon the retreat of the glaciers is due to the lack of precipitation, not to mention the cause of all the droughts at lower altitudes around the world.

  2. Yo Feildtech,
    I feel your pain brother, I see them over Sydney too. I am in the innerwest of Sydney, Alexandria. I probably see then same chemtrail that you posted here. Goo on you for asking the Council. However, maybe try writing to GETUP.Org.AU and maybe they can help get some awareness out there , just an idea. Kepp up the Good Fight. We need to let the sheep know. no one else will. Cheers. Frank.

  3. ALEX JONES, hire me to be you man in Australia PLEASE. I live for truth! I can stand working in this fake ass system anymore. Hell ill work for free!!!!

  4. Any ideas on how we get our slack ass government to own up to it and stop it! I don’t have the time to deal with them and they know it! by the time i do deal with them, it would have cost me much dollars and time and stress. Also by the time anything is done there will be more than one trail in the sky

    WAKE UP AUSTRALIA for fuck sake

    • The only way to do get the government to do their proper job is to first take the Media back and keep it under control of the People. That’s why the government feels as though they are unaccountable to anyone but themselves. A free press is ALWAYS necessary to a free state.

  5. Looks like a chemtrail to me. I been seen these quite regularly, I suppose they are sneaking them in slowly so no one would notice and then becomes the norm when there’s a sky full of them.

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