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can some one please help me with some questions about targeteed individuals

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December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


can someone help me understand a few things? it seems like i have just become aware over night but i am still somewhat puzzeled. i am not a targeted individual! at least i dont belive i am. i was once a target in a federal investigation for dispsneing medical marijuana but that is all in the past. my questions stem from the fact that for some reason i have always had a lot of what i belive to be targeted individuals very close to me in my life. i have always found these people interesting. not one of them ever even used the term. not one of them ever even knew what was going on with them. what i find interesting that all these people i knew from all walks of life had a very similer story. the tourture they describe is all the same. why would i have all these people around me? am i being targeted?

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