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By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them

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January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


Judging a man by the sum total of his efforts (or the fruits of his labors) is the Bible based way coming to “know” any man before determining the character of that man.   Thru the efforts of Alex,  exposing the bad fruits of our leaders over the years, we have become able to assess the true character of our government and it’s officials.  Many voices have awakened to address the long train of abuses of the powers that be.  Many anti-NWO initiatives are beginning to spring up thwart the power grab of  those whose fruits have been exposed by Alex.  Surely Alex is the spark that ignited these initiatives and awakened the voices among the God-fearing, the Patriots and the liberty fighters. To those of us who know and understand the absolute sovereignty of God and Heaven’s ever-present rule among the kingdoms of men. We know and believe that the impact of the life of Alex among men is a work of God.  That being said, think ye not that God was not with the mouth of Alex when called to appear before the powers.  God knew exactly who he was talking to when Alex appeared on the Piers Morgan show.  And believe me all the demons hiding in the dark trembled with fear.  A line was drawn in the sand before them. For they know that God is coming and their days are numbered.  They know that crossing that line might awakened the great mass of God fearing Americans.  But for fear of reprisals ( trials, punishment and the guillotine ) for past  deeds, they must proceed with their agenda for self preservation.  They are but men, and their fear and their guilt have fallen upon them.

It seems that God has placed the work of bringing the people out of darkness and ignorance upon the heart Alex early in his life. A burden that consumed his passions.  A burden that surely effected family and social life.  My thanks and praise goes out to his wife for not kicking him to the curb over all those hours sacrificed while Alex passionately sought out the truth.  Again, I thank you…

The media busied themselves painting a negative image of the character of Alex after his appearance on Piers. They said all manner of things from paranoid to crazy to characterize him.  But they say nothing about the good fruits of Alex’s life.  They say nothing about the people awakened. They say nothing about the people increasing in knowledge and awareness. They say nothing about the stir of hope arising among the peoples of the world. They say nothing about the cry of freedom being heard around the globe.  They say nothing about the vision of freedom. prosperity and limited government growing in the minds of men.  These are the fruits of Alex Jones.  These are the results from his efforts.   This is how we determine the character of the man.

No matter what term you use to describe Alex from shill to crazy,  God chose him to bring forth these positive development in the lives of men. God placed a work before him and a burden upon his life.  Considering the fruit; a job well done…   Our God is a consuming fire.  If God has kindled a fire to burn up the works of evil men, then truly Alex was the spark to that flame.   Martin Luther King appeared on the scene and opened the hearts and minds of the people to injustice and social inequalities.  He taught the people and they began to see the evil thru the eyes of his knowledge and understanding.  He addressed the people they began the feel the convictions in his heart.  He moved the people and they began to stand upon their feet.  The people drank in of his spirit and with renewed hearts and minds they brought forth the Civil Rights movement.  Look now at the awakening and movement that’s arising that wants to be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.

When we judge Alex by the works he has done and impact he has made upon our lives, we see nothing of the media’s negative characterization of him.  What we find is a world moving in positives directions because of him.  This is the Alex Jones I know and love.


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