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February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized



It is sad, in a way, when the world has to look to the people of Bulgaria for an example of courage against a corrupt government. After years of austerity and sacrifice and police brutality and poverty and government corruption, the people had enough. Taking to the streets by the hundreds of thousands all across the nation, the people confronted the police and their government and would not quit. Today, the government resigned.

That doesn’t mean the next bunch will be any better, but it’s a start. All across the world people in dozens of nations are rising up against the trend towards globalism at the expense of average people everywhere. Most can see now where this is going and it’s not pretty, but this event today gives us a blueprint for success.

As was the case at the fall of the Soviet Union, masses of millions of people in the streets are too much for any government, no matter how many bullets they possess. As far as the U.S. government goes, they are acting very much the same as did the government of Bulgaria or, for that matter, any repressive government. They have to go. There is no other answer. There has never, ever, been any example in history of a repressive government voluntarily giving up power. Letters, phone calls, town hall meetings, emails or elections for that matter, are useless. Now, today, the people of Bulgaria have shown all of us what does work.

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