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Bipolar ……..GET FREE.

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April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized


My name is Rose and I live in Australia and am the 2nd generation in my family to be diagnosed bipolar type 2 rapid cycle after the birth of my second child. My son (5yrs) they are pushing to label ADHD.

Why am I telling you this?

This is why. I agree that the BIGGEST WORLD WIDE false flag is “health”. They keep you ill. i was on meds before I woke up to the real world. I got off meds Through orthomolecular therapy and found I could think and function again. my son is HEALING under the same therapy. We also moved out closer to organic food production.

Mental illness can be cured 100% but your HOPE is stolen if you see a main stream doctor.

If you want to know the KILLER of mental illness is the lack of hope. Imagine being told that’s it, you are sick and will stay sick till you die the ONLY thing hat can help is take pills everyday for the rest of your life. you have no way to help yourself you have to rely on the BIG PHARMA for your mental stability.

I lived with no hope for a year with two young kids and then I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. The side effects and such were KILLING ME and my family.

Mental illness and cancer are BIG money and both have been cured over and over and over but aren’t big $$$ spinners and also a healthy mental sharp society is hard to govern, hard to fool.

Orthomolecular and Gerson (cancer cure) aren’t the only ones out there.



We need to get the word out there are other options.

I can’t get help to pay for anything like a “normal” bipolar person or my son ADHD (not officially labeled.) here because its NOT a recognized treatment.

Only thing recongised is the meds like SSRI’s(which i was on…) anti phsychotics, ritalin ect…..

Health is out there, We just have to go looking beyound that doctor’s prescribtion pad.


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  1. Adam i am not a Phisher or anything of the sort I’m very new on here and cant see how to answer comments.

    I ahave no stake in this information either.

    I don’t get on here much so ill post some link if ppl have been chasing them.





    sorry if anyone thought i ad dropped off the planet or that i was wanting anything other then to share ideas and information.

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