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Basic Root of the Problem

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February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized


To begin the article, you must first understand the root of the problem.  This all began in Feb. 12, 1871 when the congress of that era knuckled under to the international bankers and agreed to take a bow and form – the UNITED STATES INCORPORATED – which is NOT a country, it is a CORPORATION and encompasses only Washington, DC, (the corrupt zone) – the Virgin Islands, the Marianna Islands, and Guam.  It used to encompass Puerto Rico and the Phillipines, but the Phillipines gained indepencence and Puerto Rico is now a state.

To learn more visit – www.UNITEDSTATESINCORPORATED.com

In doing so (visiting the site) understand this was brought about by a desperate congress as the country was broke after the civil war and needed funding.

Also of interest, to learn how the IRS defrauds you and I of legitimate deductions on you labor visit – www.defraudlabor.com – and click on the link with the Adobe pdf. icon near it.  Keep in mind here, when you signed on to be a US Citizen, nobody told you that the UNITED STATES, INC would now view you (personally) as a TRADE OR BUSINESS FRANCHISE (thats right, we have been corrupted into a corporation).

To learn about IRS / BATF criminal fraud visit http://www.svpvril.com/irs_dm_bc.html – which is an article from April 2000 by Dan Meador investigating the fact that the IRS and BATF are in reality – AGENTS OF A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT !!  And the article would spark a revolution if the syndicated media ever published it.

Of interest to all involved in the removal of corrupt and tyrinnical politicians is the fact that the present day “Government” has no real authority outside of the boundaries of Washington, DC by the very fact THEY are the ones who created this, therefore THEY should be bound to its limits.  Virtually all the branches of our present BIG BROTHER (EPA, TSA, FBI, BATF, FDA, and on down the list) have no real authority outside of Washington, DC by the very design of this UNITED STATES, INC.  They just want you and I to think they do, and will be glad to BULLY us into submission – this the Police State that Alex talks about on his show and site.

Want to fix America (the Republic of 50 Union States)….???

Abolish the IRS…!!!

Repeal the Victory Act of 1917…!!!

End the UNITED STATES, INC.  …!!!

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