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are you a targeted individual or love someone that is?

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December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


have you been diagnosed with mental illness, anxiety or depression? do you feel that our thaughts are being controled? have you been feeling sick latley? are you ating out in way that you never thaqught you would? are you ating out sexually? do you have bizarre feelings in your body and head? if your answer to any or all of these questions is yes. then you maybee a targeted individual. the good news is you have found me. i can make it all stop. i have the unique ability to hear, see and feel what you are feeling. i can then determine who is targeting you. remember knowledge is power and with knowledge we can stop the groups or individuals from harassing you. i can do this without medication or long drawn out therapy. i can usually make a differance after just speaking to you once. my fees are based on a sliding scale. i do my best to provide compassionate help to all who need it. i am just picking up so many clients that i must do this fulltime and i must make sure my basic living expenses are covered. i will never gouge, take advantage or attempt to profit from you. i have been doing thi now for about 15 years and i have had 47 clients and a 100% sucess rate. the reason i am so effective is simple. i am a former government agent that was responsible to targeting and stalking thousends of individuals. because i know the techniques used to cause you harm i know how to counteract the methods. please contact me if you need my help. i assure you i will worked with you and keep everything confidential. you are not crazy and you are not alone. mind control and targeting individuals has gone on since the begining of time. i promise i can help yo9u but the next step is your, you need to contact me and set up a free consultitaion. then you will begin to life the quality life you deserve……i specialize in, targeted individuals, group stalking, gaslight, v2s, electronic harrassment, sexual impulse control, mind control and de-programming! if you need help contact me now!

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