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Another real bad actor from Sandy Hook

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December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


I don’t know which is worse, this one or supposed “dad” laughing before speech.

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5 responses to Another real bad actor from Sandy Hook

  1. They may not be “actors” per se, but what if a good portion of the populace of Newtown are MK-Ultra, mind controlled multiples, and/or in a big time Illuminati Satanic cult? What if those children were sacrificed, like for real? That does not conflict with the whole 2nd amendment thing; maybe the Illuminati/Globalists, shadow government, etc, staged this false flag/sacrifice to please their Unseen Master, Black Magik to ensure the taking of the guns. Maybe there are no real tears, because, if this theory is true, then, the sacrifice of these children would be seen as a great boon to this community/coven.

  2. I dont know about this one elaine. There doesn’t seem to be anything suspicious about this. Just because we see a face in one cloud doesn’t mean there are faces in every cloud.

    • …unless this is the mommy from “mommy bullcrap” which I think would be a little suspicious. Who is this woman being interviewed? Did she loose a child in the shooting? If so, it is understandable why she is distraught. But even so, I imagine that if I had children in Newton school that survived, I would be moved to tears in compassion for those parents who lost children. I look at the “daddy bullcrap” video and see reason for suspicion (he asks if he should read the card, as if he was prompted to do so by the media) But what objectionable information do we have about the video clip of this woman?

      • Look up Newton, CT. interviews on youtube. ALL of these interviews are scripted questions and answers. No tears, no swollen eyes, no nothing. Each one I see gets weirder and creepier.
        There is one with a sheriff that I wanted to smack the smirk off his face while a creepy bobble head with glasses behind him as if he were his minder. Then the little boy being interviewed right after the “incident” just cool as a cucumber about it all and there behind him is a man with a county vest on doing masonry work on a wall. Another minder? Now wouldn’t there have been crime scene tape around instead of some county worker building a rock wall? As soon as I find these two videos I will post them. Just have not found them again, yet.

      • Have you watched the comedian coroner yet? EVERY ONE of these people! There is just something wrong with ALL of this. As I saw in comment from fastbrian1, and I have to agree, there would have been people messing themselves, pucking from all the carnage and smell.
        1st. responders were not allowed in? WHAT? Go into city-data for Newton and there is not a elementary school by the name of Newton Elementary School but you will find someone pointed that out at the site

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