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January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized



Here is a quote from my December 27, 2012 posting,  WILL THE ECONOMY CRASH AFTER JAN 1?

“Right after the Presidential election our government masters and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media have been bombarding us with “The Fiscal Cliff” talk. This particular campaign is actually a sideshow with a predictable outcome. That outcome is going to be a last minute agreement between the Democrats and Republicans. It will come on December 31 or shortly thereafter. Then the media whores will sound the trumpet proclaiming the saving of the American economy. The stock market will take off.”

Today, that prediction came true. No, I’m not a prophet. In fact many enlightened economists made that same prediction. Below is Peter Schiff’s analysis of this latest “Dog And Pony Show”.

So here we are. Taxes have gone up. Many benefits like Medicare have been cut. The out of control deficit will continue to spiral out of control and the trillion dollar wars continue. This time, you make the prediction. What do you think America will be like in the next few years?

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