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Anonymous OpRollRedRoll Uncovers Shocking Video, Inspires Faux Hacks, Bickering and CNN Propaganda

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January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized


| WTF News |
Baran Hines

What WTF News predicted last week is beginning to develop.
Well-intended Anonymous activity is inspiring others to attempt to make a name for themselves at the expense of the collective Anonymous credibility. The media is also beginning to take notice of it and attach its own slant. The events are chronicled below.
KnightSec’s OpRollRedRoll made headlines before Christmas after posting an ultimatum to the Steubenville High School Big Red football team to come forward and stop “protecting” members of the team alleged to have raped a (then) 15 year old girl who passed out at an underage “kegger” party.
The article previewing the first Occupy Steubenville protest cautioned Anonymous to remember its core values so as to not cross the line to vigilantism, at least in the public’s perception.

The consensus at WTF News seems to be that this could be the next (well-timed?) step in the campaign for real name internet ID’s in the US.

The case has already had internet privacy issues.

The blogger, Alex Goddard, and 25 anonymous posters are now off the hook as it relates to the defamation suit filed against them by the Saltsman family.


Meanwhile, a settlement has been reached in a Steubenville lawsuit that sought to unmask anonymous commenters who discussed a rape case on a blog.

The defamation accusations against the blogger, Alexandria Goddard, were also dismissed and cannot be re-filed.

Anonymous, carrying the internet free speech on its back, is walking straight into a trap. If the online rhetoric becomes a problem with real violence, the calls for the end of anonymity will begin.

China just recently confirmed it is forcing telecoms to require real name registration. The UN has been seeking total internet control and the US just barely fought off comprehensive internet bills which many websites protested as ending free speech last January, including Wikipedia. The end of internet anonymity is a lynchpin of the coming “cashless society” in the new world order police state. For more information, see the video at the bottom of the article.

The case is headed down the path of previous stories the mainstream media has exploited. After news of a shocking video of witnesses bragging and joking about the rape emerged, others looked for ways to seek headlines for personal gain.

The video, spread , is disturbing

This video is really an amazing example of the social decay of American young males as most have declined into sociopaths, mimicking the rest of society’s fall. This is not an accident as our toxic pop culture and destruction of family values, exacerbated by new world order types, has led to the disturbing trend of moral decline, chronicled here in “22 Stats That Prove That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Young Men In America” before Christmas. This trend isn’t unique to teenage Ohio boys, humanity as a whole is devolving into a consciousness like that of Christian Bale in American Psycho. To understand more about these trends, it is recommended that you read that article, as you will understand why commercials seem to feature men acting like overgrown babies.
The case has made international headlines now after the story was picked up by CNN and RT among others.
As the story spread, other trends began developing. there was a “hack” that was said to release personal info of “50,000 Stebuenville citizens” which later turned out to be a dud.
KnightSec leader @KYAnonymous debunked the faux hack on Twitter after being asked about his involvement, but not before fooling EHackerNews.com, who posted an article embellishing the activity.

A Hacker with Twitter handle AnonAcid has claimed to have leaked the records of more than Steubenville, Ohio residents as part of the operation called

The campaign has been launched after news broke out that authorities might be protecting members of the Steubenville football team accused of abusing a 15-year-old girl.

The hacker uploaded the dump in Mediafire. According to his pastebin post, the leak contains address,emails,personal information,dates of births,current address,phone numbers,names,state,country,city,current location,firstname, lastname, middlename, many many more.

The hacker didn’t mention the origin of the data .


“City Of Steubenville,Your justice system is broke and needs to be fixed maybe this might help a little. Bring justice to the girl who was raped ” The hacker wrote in the post.

He also published a list of individuals suspected of being involved in the abuse and demands that they be sent to jail.

We even talked to this Anon_Acid, who sent us info on his “hack”, but we did our homework first.

@KYAnonymous setting the record straight.

The hack wasn’t much of a hack, but someone who “dumped” voter records online and passed it off as a “dox”, which @KYAnonymous panned.

A real “dox”

Even @YourAnonNews, one of the larger #Anonymous accounts on Twitter, stepped in to clear things up.

The case is admirably capturing international attention

KnightSec on the op’s publicity

Even Lil’ Wayne commented

Numerous tweets on CNN, other mainstream media running the story

Mainstream Media is going to naturally spin it and use for their interests, like pushing gun control and internet clampdowns. It doesn’t take long for the narrative to develop into a conversation on stripping civil liberties.

On a side note, the Local Leaks post even has anti-gun hysteria, posting a picture highlighting hunting rifle with a scope laying on the floor as the video is being recorded.

This has nothing to do with anything, let’s leave the faux gun debate out of this.

This is part of the blowback we warned about in our article. Seems to be giving CNN an excuse to ignore geopolitical events. Can’t you see an AC 360 special live from Steubenville coming soon? Great timing as Hillary Clinton is now discharged from the hospital and resting at home while her concussion heals and the blood clot disintegrates.

Here comes the manipulation and omitted details

More info about the video and the parties that haven’t been charged.

Info on the Jan. 5th Occupy Steubenville protest

@KYAnonymous also found himself in the middle of an argument over another Anonymous sect perceived to be “taking over” the operation.

Later in the conversation

At least they made up.

Lesson: Anons need to stop bickering and seeking headlines and focus on real hacktivism. The Steubenville case is an example of how things morph over time and lose their positive impact. The mainstream media is going to take the publicity and run wild with it, at the expense of the liberty movement. We still applaud KnightSec’s effort, but for the rest of Anonymous, there’s plenty of finanical, corporate and government fraud out there to target too. Think of the good to be done in the areas of Wall Street fraud, GMO food deception or any one of the topics you can find on our site. Happy hunting.

For more info on Anonymous and their history, read here.

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