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Alex Jones is Most Popular On-line News Resource

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January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


Greenville, SC – Today a quick search for radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones on any search engine results in more than 80 Million hits indicating a vast and growing preference by Americans (and Canadians) to discover the news the mainstream media fails to report from Jones and InfoWars.com .

Jones’ recent interview with Piers Morgan of CNN spiked the number of searches for Alex Jones according to Google Trends but they also show his online popularity has been steadily increasing and since 2004 has been about even with CNN and MSNBC combined on average.


Since 2009  the graphs show searches for Jones exceed both  those for CNN and MSNBC  as the preferred source for on-line news. Graphs show that during that time Jones has consistently realized half again (or more) as many searches as those other sources.

Additionally,  so far this year, combined searches for Alex Jones exceed those for the popular Drudge Report.

Jones is arguably waking more Americans up to the truth about our quickly degenerating nation than any other television, internet or radio source.

Among radio hosts, the trends show more searches for Jones  than Rush Limbaugh beginning mid December 2012– even before the interview with Piers Morgan.  Since 2009 there were more searches for Alex Jones than there were for Sean Hannity.


Searches for Jones have even out paced searches for Michael Moore, the notorious liberal documentary film maker since 2009 with just a few exceptions.


Emily Harding is an avid researcher and activist in South Carolina’s upstate. Some of her writing can be found at Planet.Infowars.com. Her insurance agency’s website is healthplanspecialists.com which links to more of her articles.


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  1. No surprise that Alex is on top!—-Let’s all keep him there!

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