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Acquiescence and Sycophancy as David Cameron Tours North Africa

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February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Think it coincidence the West has urged it`s citizens to vacate Libya, and Somalia? I think it`s about to get brutal, not because they want to kill us, but because our governments intend to crank up Western violence towards them for having the nerve to continue to protest. Yes, they are violent. No I don`t agree with their religious idiocy, but then I don`t agree with ours either. Violence begets violence doesn`t it…

How would you react to someone doing to your country, and it`s citizens, what your administration is doing to others?

Peace and stability will NEVER exist, or even have a chance whilst we watch on apathetic. We wouldn`t need to worry about things like nuclear energy, and where it may lead if we didn`t trample across the globe in our jack boots treating everyone like shit, and murdering their cultures along with their populations.

UK is run by whores, Australia is run by whores, USA is run by whores, Canada is run by whores, and the EU is run by whores. They`ve turned our planet into their own private brothel. Zero compassion, zero humanity, zero sense or sensibility. That goes for politicians, and mainstream corporate sponsored media.

I say we kill em all. Clearly, re-education for them is hopeless.


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