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A parent that woke up recently, RFID chips, vaccines and what ever else!

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November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


Well to start with I have been married since 2006, my step daughter is a 15 year old wanna be adult that knows everything and cares very little about the world around her. Just as long as she has her I-pod and her x box (and what ever new fangle crap that comes out) she is happy. Now I love my her just like she was my own, I would do anything to provide for her, I would lay down my life for her, and as far as I am concerned she is my daughter. That being said, teenagers are a pain in the ass. My wife and I also have 3 year old and a 2 year old, OMG the terrible twos never seem to stop, please help!!!! But seriously I love all my kids and would not trade them for anything in the world. Now I got out of the Marine Corps. back in 2010, thank God I did not wake up then, because I would probably be sharing a jail cell with PFC Manning about now. Just so you know I think he is a real American hero for trying to stop the inhumane actions perpetrated by our government.

Now my wife and I woke up roughly around the same time, I would say it has been about a year now, and honestly can thank Alex Jones for that. Looking into 9/11 is really where our awakening began, and it just grew from there. Now I don’t necessarily believe everything that Alex says, but I keep an open mind and I investigate things myself to the best of my ability, and as I have told my wife on several occasions, even if half of what he says is true, we are in trouble.

Well anyways I am writing this more to parents or future parents. Now my wife and I never thought about vaccines when it came to our oldest child. We just believed what ever the doctor told us, and trusted them. I wish I could say it is okay to just blindly trust your doctor, but the bottom line is there are far to many of them on Big pharma’s payroll. My uncle is a doctor and I have heard some real horror stories about other doctors taking money or perks to push their drugs. Big vacations, bonuses and all sorts of other crap. Drug reps give doctors a hell of a lot more than a bunch of crappy pens. So of course they are going to help Big Pharma’s bottom line, after all they don’t want to pay to go to Hawaii, they want free trips just like the rest of us. So anyways you really can’t trust what they have to say about drugs and vaccines. Now our oldest I do believe has all of the required vaccines for her to go to school, and we thank God every day that she has not had any adverse reactions that recent studies have proven vaccines can cause. The sad thing about the country we live in is that our government uses us as guinea pigs to test different chemicals and what not, and just hope for the best (and that is the best case scenario, worst case is that they are trying to kill us slowly).Our 2 youngest children are caught up on their vaccines, for the time being, but we don’t know what we should do now. Do we risk our children getting autism or any of the other horrible things that they are now saying can be caused by vaccines. We don’t want our kids getting whooping cough, measles, or any of the other crap that vaccines are supposed to prevent. But we don’t want them having some horrible adverse reaction, or hell even death. We try to stay caught up with the latest news, but there is so much that we can’t keep up. Seems like every other day there is some new horrible thing that GMOs or Vaccines can do to our kids. I am not that worried about myself, I have ingested so much GMO crap over the years, and had every vaccine known to man thanks to the Marine Corps, that if it was going to kill me, I would have been dead long ago. But I have to protect my kids, in my opinion that is my only purpose in life anymore. But I am going nuts. We don’t have to worry so much about our oldest because the worst thing that goes in her body is GMOs and we are trying our best to control that. We just wish to God that there was some magic 8 ball out there that could tell us what to do with our younger children.

Our oldest child is a freshman in High School, and we have not had any major issues like RFID chips, and the school lunch crap. She is allowed to take her lunch, eat whatever she wants, for the most part, and there is really nothing on the horizon that we are to worried about infringing on her rights at school. The worst thing at her school is bullying, and in my opinion kids just need to toughen up a little, bullying has been around since the beginning of time, and nobody killed themselves over it at my school when I was growing up. It is just a sad part of life that we will really never be able to stop, and that is the same thing I tell my daughter, just to not worry about what people say that in the end it really does not matter at all, and 20 years from now when she is a big success, those bullies will be asking her if she wants fries with that. But anyways back to my original subject, I know, I know I ramble really bad. She is not really the one we worry about when it comes to vaccines and such, our big concern is our younger kids, cause we don’t know what the schools are going to pull 6, 7, 8, or 9 years from now. I don’t really want to home school my kids because I don’t think I could help them that much. I am not the brightest star in the sky, but you know that already, I told you I joined the Marines, and we all know the Marine Corps. does not get the sharpest tools in the shed. Now I can teach my kids how to skin a deer, fish, hell I can teach them how to kill a running man at 500 yards, but I can’t tell them how to solve an algebra problem to shave my life. So public school is a must for my kids, but they won’t take them if they are not up to date on there vaccines. We can’t afford private school, so I just do not know what we are going to do, but I do know we have a little time before we have to make that decision. If you have any ideas please share them with me in the comments.

And then you have this mass hysteria that if the school, and government are not able to track our children, then they may end up getting kidnapped, or go on a shooting spree. I sorry but tracking our children does nothing for there safety. It just gives them an upper hand against us. They want to use our kids against us. Yes I know it is a dangerous world, and there does need to be security at our schools, but they are going to far at this point. I believe there is only one way to put a stop to this, the parents at each school need to stand up against the schools. But they can not do it by themselves. They have to be organized, they have to join together and tell the schools that they will not stand for it. There is no reason for them to track our kids, well no legal reason that is. Tracking our kids will not help them prevent a school shooting, or anything like that.

The latest thorn in my side.

Our technology is surpassing our humanity in so many ways. I will be the first to admit I am very old school, and lost in this endless barrage of B.S. technology that serves no real purpose. Yes it has made our lives much easier, but at a major cost. Our children are so lazy, I worry about the future if they don’t learn to get off their butts and work, that this country will just be left behind. Right now our oldest is non stop asking for a I phone 4 or 5 for Christmas. First off there is no way in hell even if I had enough money for the damn thing, that I would ever spend that much on a phone for a 15 year old. Hell I share a cell phone with my wife. If I will not even spend that much on a phone for myself why would I ever spend that on my daughter. Then tonight when I am looking at new shotguns online, I get a bunch of crap about that. Like I am wrong for looking to buy something with my own money. I can’t wait till she goes to work next year, every time she wants something stupid like a phone or something, it will be buy it yourself. Kids today just have to have the latest and greatest crap, and you know what, I blame the system. They just keep going with all the advertising and these stupid ass shows like Jersey Shore and crap like that, and our kids see this crap and think that all this junk is going to make them happy. There are so many kids out there that don’t care that our president is killing people, no judge, no jury, no trial, nothing but if they can’t have the newest phone on the market then they hate you, and you are the meanest SOB in the world. Well you know what, that crap just makes me meaner. Hate to see how I will be when our youngest are in high school. Then the clothes today, I swear to God, I am not a bible beater or anything, but I am sick of seeing women running around showing off everything God gave them. I almost want to just go up to these women and hand them a couple singles cause it looks like they are working at a strip club. Guys if you would not want your daughters running around looking like this why would you want to see other women like that, I just think it is sick. My kids see this crap all the time and they just think its normal. Our oldest sees this crap and it hurts her cause she can’t get away with wearing that kinda crap (thank God). She tells us that she does not like those kind of clothes, but deep down I think she wants to wear them to. We are not overly strict when it comes to clothes, the crap out there just makes these girls look like whores. I think Chris Rock said it best, “if you go out wearing a police uniform, people think you a cop, if you go out wearing hooker clothes people will think your a hooker”. I swear to God I better never find some clear high heels in any of our daughters closet. And once again I blame the system for this as well. They put it on tv, and these girls think its normal to go around looking like a tramp. Hell you can’t watch prime time tv with out seeing at least ten scenes of a hooker, or a whore, sex, drugs, I’m sick of it. I can’t watch anything that is not a cartoon with my kids. I miss the good old days, at least they waited till late night to show tits and ass.

Well I think I have about run on empty on this ramble of mine, I am sure I will have lots more to say later on, and I am know you will hear about it.

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  1. Look into declining the vaccinations on a religous exemption. Don’t allow your children to have that crap injected into their body. Your playing russian roulette with their lives, and if you allow the vaccinations and that crap fries their brain, you’ll never forgive yourself. Good Luck, and God Bless.

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