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A Cry For Help. What is Happening?

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February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


This is a cry for help. I see what is happening to this country and I am angered, saddened and am quite frankly feeling incredibly helpless to stop those in the federal government who are happily stripping us American citizens of our rights. One by one, amendment and executive order after executive order. What has happened to us? Why are they being allowed to burn the constitution and write laws based on their personal opinions and views? What has happened to a free society and our republic? I am so tired of hearing our congress and representatives refer to the United States as a democracy. Why is that label so acceptable these days?

Congress is so obsessed with bickering and pointing fingers, placing blame if there is backlash over a decision that doesn’t go their way. What happened to congress being the voice of the people. Civil servants who speak for we the people, the ones who protect the constitution from destruction? President Obama is the largest threat to our great Constitution and it makes me sick that since he has been in office he has brainwashed so many, but especially the government dependent citizens who would rather cash a welfare check and shop with food stamps. He has bribed them, with our hardworking tax dollars to believe that true Americans who love and respect our constitution are the enemies of this country and that if you aren’t taking handouts, you are part of the problem. Before corrupted government breathed the flames of self destruction and entitlement onto the gullible citizens of the us, The system had been effective for hundreds of years, and why all of a sudden is working an honest job for self sustainability and income a bad thing to do? What lessons does that teach our future generations? I am disgusted by this.

Why is it that we must stick our noses into other countries businesses, go to war, spend billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars, funding wars that have nothing to do with our national security? In my opinion, there should not be an army. If we didn’t go to war with other countries, build bases all over the world and lose thousands of our brothers and sisters wives in war imagine what could become of our country? If we simply concentrated on our country, our needs, defenses that would protect we the people, it would be the right path to take. Why don’t we do this? Because the federal government is much more interested in money, profits. Blood is much more profitable than sweat, hard workers in this country and morality. The majority of the federal government are needless to say, monsters who take pride in murder, madness and mania.

Why is it that we american citizens even pay federal taxes? It is my belief that our hard earned money should indeed remain in our own economy, within our own states. Most members of congress don’t even pay taxes!!! Why are they allowed to steal our money, live lavishly and then at the end of the year they don’t have to pay taxes?? Why is it that we citizens are required to earn every penny we possess, maintain a budget, pay our bills on time and submit our tax forms by a certain date each year? If we do not do that, then we are bullied by collectors, threatened by the IRS and thrown into a courtroom and forced to lay out every financial detail in our lives? Then we are looked down on by a judge who forces us to pay even more in the form of penalities! sickening! Why are we subjected to such brutality at the hands of the federal government when they cannot do the same? Why are we required to hand over almost 50% of our income every year to taxes when the members of government spend however much they choose, with no repercussions? Last time I checked no one on this earth or in this country is god so why are we made to feel like humble servants of masters? There is no throne in Washington so why are we being treated as peasants?

Our system is now broken and I wish every single person could wake up for even just a moment and see this. What is happening? Everywhere I look there is government surveillance, when did it become acceptable for an organization like the TSA to infest our transportation systems? Why do we allow this in our cities and states? I personally have chosen not to fly since the TSA has invaded our airports. I refuse to send my child to a learning institution, instead my child is happily homeschooled, because I refuse for my child to learn in a police state where teachers are undertrained and overwhelmed, where there are lockdown drills and every student is subject to searches and personal intrusion. When did this country become so pathetic as children are forced to wear tracking devices around their necks to attend school. When did it become acceptable that the federal government has the say and control over children’s medical decisions. Vaccinations mandatory or you are not allowed to attend school, or if you have an exemption from vaccinations you are looked down on by the school and demonized by other parents. I refuse to let others dictate my family’s personal decisions. I can’t believe that the founding fathers are being demonized in our schools and that the pledge of allegience is being forgotten in our schools. There are some cities and communities that want to make it a crime for an American citizen to proudly display and fly the american flag on their property! This level of control and restriction is appalling! It’s already being whispered that growing fruits and vegetables on your personal property should be outlawed, yet states are legalizing marajuiana. Unbelievable! What kind of example does this set for our future generations?

Another issue that outrages me is the audacity of the federal government taking control and making their own laws about firearms in this country. Once again, these people are taking their personal opinions and creating laws. The American people have spoken, loudly and forcefully that they will not agree for any type of ban or restriction. Again, the congress are civil servants and the voice of the people. They have heard us and still they laugh and mock us while they write their personal opinions into law. Class 3 laws and restrictions are just as unconstitutional as these new proposals and I personally feel that there should be no restrictions on the types of firearms that law abiding citizens can purchase. The federal government knows that this is wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t have given themselves an exemption from these laws. Again, they are not royalty, they cannot be held higher than anyone else and we are NOT their peasants.

The FEMA camps, the United Nations, the billions of rounds of ammunition purchased by the federal government, the minors that the president has recruited for a new army, the military training in our cities, posse comitatus destroyed, the NDAA law, the federal healthcare law, that has already destroyed numerous businesses and put even more financial strain on the American people’s wallets, the continuation of increased taxation of the American people while the president rides in a limousine with a license plate that mocks the seriousness of the issue, free speech and gun free zones, which are absolutely unconstitutional, immigration reform and zero border protection that puts a further strain on the taxpayers wallets because the majority of illegals that enter this country steal from the American taxpayers by receiving welfare, free healthcare and food stamps when the average American can hardly afford the insurance premiums that they are forced to pay to receive healthcare.

I don’t care how much money is lost, I don’t care about the mere dozens of people that will be pissed off at new legislation that is introduced to restore the constitutional rights of every American citizen. President Obama should be impeached immediately and thrown in prison, his laws and executive orders removed from the books, especially government mandated and controlled health care. that should be the first one to go. Members of the congress, senate should be suspended until we conduct a new and FAIR election and we the people elect our voices once again. No more electronic ballots, no electoral colleges. No more federal taxation, no more social security with holdings, the system is broken. Medicaid and assistance (food stamps, welfare) should be at the state level for decision of implementation and that should be voted on by the citizens as well, since it is for the citizens.

We must bring all of our brothers and sisters home and stop sticking our noses into other countries conflicts. We have no reason or right to enter into other countries conflicts. Those fights are not a direct threat to the safety of America, so stop the blood. As stated in the constitution, We the people, the citizens of the United States of America, are the only defenders, aside from the navy that are necessary for the security and safety of this country, AKA, a well regulated militia. If you allowed the citizens to enforce the laws in their cities, alongside the sheriff and deputies, I can promise, I can guarantee you that the crime would stop, murder rates would disappear. Criminals can’t commit crimes if everyone in their presence are the protectors and enforcers of the laws in their communities.

We must withdrawal our country immediately from the United Nations. The UN is a dangerous organization that hold no respect or recognition of American values. They do not accept or promote free societies. They are a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve must be shut down. A private company has no place in our American economy, to set interest rates, to cause inflation and destroy the dollar. If the government does not have the funds than we cannot afford to spend. Period. If every American citizen can balance our checkbook and live within our means than the government is expected and required to do the same. Simple as that. Corporations and big banks have too much power over the American people. It’s time to level the field. Intimidation, bullying and bribery cannot and will not be tolerated.

The American government has gone too far. Deploying drones in our skies and spying on we the people, cameras on every traffic light, microphones who listen to us as we walk down the sidewalk, wiretapping and recording our phone calls, logging our text messages and spying on our computers. When the hell did we give the government the permission to possess that much information and control on us? I do not recall voting for any of this.

Genetically modified food that have been proven to cause a large array of chronic conditions, the pharmaceuticals that produce horrible side effects, the ADHD that has suddenly being diagnosed on every child who pisses off a teacher, who is then subjected to large doses of anti psychotic drugs. The poor parents usually don’t have any knowledge of what is happening, because they were raised to trust doctors and teachers. After all, they are there to help, right? The teachers who want obedient, quiet and well behaved students who don’t disrupt the class, the doctors who now get a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies every time a prescription is written, and the parents are lied to about the long term effects of these poison pills, which causes long term chronic conditions in the child for the rest of their life, pharmaceuticals shoved down our throats every time we visit our doctors, the vaccinations our children are forced to receive, the smart meters that emit radiation into our homes, the mandatory black boxes that will be installed in new cars, the computer chips with wifi in our new appliances, the r f I d chips in new credit cards, spyware and logging software on our computers, the TSA who has not stopped or prevented one terrible crime from being committed, but they do treat every passenger like a criminal by subjecting them to invasive and demeaning searches in public view. We are allowing local law enforcement to get away with brutalizing citizens who have not yet been arrested or convicted of a crime. It’s sickening to see law enforcement taking the laws into their own hands and beating, raping and dehumanizing everyday citizens just because they think their badge exempts them for the laws that we all must obey. The corruption of the federal government is creeping down to the states and we cannot even trust our police departments anymore. They feel that no matter what they do it was deserved and even asked for and yet they all get away with it while we are left to suffer. When did it become acceptable for law enforcement and the government to hold more power than the American people? How the hell and why the hell did we allow it to get this far?

Close your eyes, remember the times before this corruption began. The days when you could walk down the street without cameras watching your every move, when you could go the airport and simply board a plane without fear, anger or apprehension, when you could buy a soda or pack of cigarettes without paying a ridiculous tax, when you could live in a neighborhood and not worry about the home next to you becoming a rental house with violent criminals living there, paid for by the government, when you could go to the grocery store and not see WIC approved item tags on food products, when you could look at real estate and not wonder if it was a former drug house or if it is in a section eight neighborhood, when you could buy gas for under two dollars, when you could spend less than one hundred dollars a week to feed a family of four, when you didn’t have to wonder if the produce you are buying has dangerous toxins or chemicals in them that will over time build up in your body and eventually make you sick and then wonder if you can and will get treatment from a doctor that is not bound by the federal government to view you as a financial risk or worthwhile patient to treat. Remember the times when you could enroll your child into a school where there are no metal detectors at every entrance, where you could pack a lunch for your child without the government telling you that they know better than you what your child should be eating, remember the days when your child was not a product for the big corporations that lure your child into suggestive selling practices, where trendy characters and logos weren’t stamped onto every product for children.

Remember the days when the federal government didn’t take 50% of your income each year and then redistribute it to the criminals who rob you, hurt you, kill your families and co workers. Remember the days in school when you stood up every morning after the announcements, raised your hand to your heart and recited as a group, the pledge of allegience to the United States of America, those days in school when you learned how to shoot a .22 rifle, the days when saying Merry Christmas wasn’t frowned upon, the days when god and country were held dear, the days when homeland security was a non existent term, the days when you knew that you could provide for your family, because there were plenty of jobs to choose from, the days when you had passion for something and could easily turn it into a business, when you didn’t have to go through exhausting legal corrospondance and pay hefty taxes to make something you lived a successful business that boosted the economy in your community.

Remember the days when the government didn’t stage national disaster or crisis just to brainwash the American people into making them believe that another new asinine law would be for the better of the nation. Remember the days when the borders were guarded and protected, when the criminals could not enter our country and distribute dangerous drugs into the hands of our children, when the violence didn’t spread onto our streets, when illegal immigrants weren’t flooding into our nation, stealing our identities, our jobs and receiving taxpayer funded assistance. Remember the days when our own government wasn’t in bed with these criminals, assisting them with money, drugs and weapons and putting our citizens in grave danger.

Those days seem so long gone. We have for the most part become a nation of passivists, we tend to accept things as they come, to feel that it’s going to happen no matter what so there is no need to make a stink of it. That is the most dangerous position to take in days like this. If we continue to allow our government to make every decision for us, to control us, to trick us or just downright scare or intimidate us than all hope will be lost.

If All Of Us will just stand up and demand this, we can change this country. We can bring it back to what is should be. But this is something that everyone must do. If we can’t find a way to come together and demand the restoration of our government than we don’t deserve liberty. It is in our hands, just as it always has been. Don’t turn a blind eye, don’t submit, don’t agree with this government. If we demand justice, we will receive it. If we fight for liberty, we will restore freedom. If we just stand up, we will once again, be free.


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