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12 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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November 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


Finding an appropriate SEO company is equivalent to “finding a needle in a haystack.” With so many options available, it becomes really a difficult thing to make a selection for the best one. Choosing the right one could actually result in a fruitful outcome for your business. Selecting the wrong one could be the biggest business mistake you can ever make. So choose wisely. After all, your business is at stake…!

Q. 1How will you optimize our content?

An SEO company will definitely claim that they will optimize your website and content. The question here is to ask them that what they analyzed and how will they be helping you to get up. Basically, the need to know is a that they will apply.


Q. 2How do you go about link building?

Link building is among the most important factors for effective SEO. Link building and creating counts on in ranking and traffic. You must ask an SEO company about the link building before hiring them.


Q. 3Will you be doing both On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO activities?

Both On-Page and Off-Page activities are equally important when it comes to SEO. You must ask an SEO company that they not only focus on one thing as both the activities together will get the best of results.


Q. 4What do you know about our industry?

You may be scratching your head what role does the knowledge about the industry play in SEO activities. But yes, it is also important. Knowledge of industry will help them to understand the audience set and targeted segment. This will definitely help them to get the right audience to your website.


Q. 5How much time is needed from our in-house team?

SEO companies may ask you for in-house support later. So, it’s better to ask them that how much effort they need from the in-house team. Ask them that whether they need support from the in-house team or they will execute the entire processes themselves that also includes status posts and social media activities.


Q. 6How often will we have the track report?

Having the progress reports is also important to always track the success and effect of SEO done. There are few companies that will say that it is a thing and you will be knowing about the progress or so but actually if they are going in the right direction, you will able to get the positive results since the first month from the commencement of SEO activities.


Q. 7What sort of ranking increases can we expect?

Rather than waiting for 6 months and the results, it is better to ask the SEO agency to give a clear the ranking results they believe to get it. Even if you are planning to hire them for extra activities like SMM and SMO, ask them that how will they increase the followers and get organic traffic.


Q. 8How will you analyze campaigns and report on them?

Campaigns have been always important for effective SEO. What plans do they have for taking forward the SEO activities for your website? How will they be tracking and analyzing the effect of campaigns and how they going to track it. This you need to ask before closing the deal.


Q. 9Can you share information on some of your past clients and their results?

Previous track records are the best way to know that what results they can get through their efforts? You should confidently ask them that what track report of success they have of their previous clients.


Q. 10What kind of services they offer?

SEO is a consolidated marketing effort that includes various things in it. You must ask for services they offer and that are included in the package they are offering. For example, you should know that whether they are offering content services, SMO, PPC, campaigns, keyword targeting and a lot more in the package or not.


Q. 11How their pricing works?

We think on expenses before we do anything. So, how can we blindly trust for the charges applied on? You have the right to ask that what and how the pricing is taken forward and how it works. Transparency is important before proceeding for any kind of business.


Q. 12Do you provide any guarantees?

Claiming and making fake hopes is easy. You must ask the SEO agency that whether they give any proof of sure shot success.


SEO these days is need of an hour but you must have detailed knowledge before trusting blindly. Remember, SEO requires technical skill, but SEO is not only bounded by the technical skill set. It is a wholesome marketing effort. It’s important to approach agencies with enough knowledge to determine the variance between claimants and experts. Seek out agencies with outreach, writing, relationship building, and marketing skills. Look for transparent firms who have demonstrated results with previous clients or at the very least they should have shown marvelous results for their own websites. Agencies should involve you in the process, analyses and report progress. Then only, transparency can be identified in their work and it could be called smart marketing.

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