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February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized



As the world economic collapse continues, millions around the world are taking to the streets. The only nation missing is the U.S.. Our nation, founded in revolution against royal tyranny, has been lulled to sleep. Just a generation ago, hundreds of thousands were in the streets protesting an illegal war, the military draft, a corrupt President and the denial of civil rights. Many of these same issues have surfaced again, but today, it is met with a yawn on the part of the average American.

I know those who read these posts are not among them. Most who read these posts yearn for the American spirit of a bygone era, but there is hope. I have been covering dozens of nations whose populace will not bend over and take it. Today it’s Ireland, Egypt and Argentina, but there are many others. Maybe their example will rekindle that spirit.

Meanwhile, we are only months away from that long anticipated time of reckoning. If the average American will not take to the streets today, he may live in the streets tomorrow. One way or another reality is real. There are not enough TV shows, sporting events or other forms of entertainment that can cover the impending collapse. Maybe then, the average American will listen.

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