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tracking you, ad vestigium

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November 29, 2012 in Technology


After listening to a few minutes of McAfee’s interview the other day it occurred to me that this software industry is probably one of the main spears the NWO use to keep tabs on people. Is it possible that this software is constantly scanning files, creating identifiable codes for each file and uploading this to a database which is ‘flagged’ with the Operating System Key and other identifiable information?

So lets see… the NWO are trying to push through their fascistic stasi “anti piracy” initiative.

It wouldn’t take much to modify these programs (that scan your entire computer daily) … to create identifiable hash-tags for any files wanted. Then if you disperse an expose on NWO evil and they get access to this file, even though you may have gone through Wikileaks or some other independent system such as TOR.. the hash tag would match the one in the database created by the scanning software.

Scary thought… so I downloaded a cracked executable for a game and ran it through an free online virus scanner to see what came up. One of the biggest anti-virus groups on the planet returned a value of WS.Reputation.1. Gee… I guess I got a reputation flag for something… but for who ?

I’m not a programmer nor mathematician and don’t have all the smarts.. but this does seem to be a reality. The stasi don’t need to download your computer –they just need the hash-tags for the files contained on your computer and if those files are somewhere else on the Internet… they can find them –and you!

Political documentaries, books, media.

Just imagine … some nerd keeping tabs on you, his legs up on his work-desk, sniffling, updating his NWO database… getting a nice fat paycheck while society implodes.



Filename: Crysis.exe
Filesize: 75Kb
HASH SHA256: 89f487bd97a8713a8d86302358f25f918b5a015e485d15203dbdea6b7f5b4009


I wonder if WS prefix denotes “Web Script” and the Reputation.1 is to add a +1 to your a/c via an html or other web system via Internet Explorer or the OS system. There’s quite a few programmers here at PIW who would know? :O

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