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December 21, 2012 in Technology



  • Men Face Deportation For Running World’s Least-Visited Torrent Site

    Three men behind a brand new torrent site that almost nobody visited say they have had their lives turned upside down by Australian authorities. An unfortunate series of events, triggered by fraud committed against one of the men in South Africa, led to a police investigation and a raid. After it was discovered that the men launched a torrent site last month, all now face deportation back to their home country of Canada.

  • Warner Bros and Intel Sue Over HDCP Crack Piracy

    Warner Bros. and Intel’s daughter company Digital Content Protection have filed a lawsuit against a hardware manufacturer that creates devices enabling consumers to bypass HDCP copy protection. The devices, which presumably use the leaked HDCP master key to convert digital to analog signals, can be useful for connecting digital devices to analog displays. However, they could also be used by pirates to copy pay-per-view, on-demand, and other premium content.

  • Court Sentences Web Designer For Creating Infringing Torrent Site

    In a case lasting more than three years, a web designer who admitted that he had been contracted to work on the now-defunct StudentBay torrent site was cleared after the court found there was no evidence to suggest he had actually run the site. But in a turnaround the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that the designer must’ve known the site would be put to infringing use and found him guilty of copyright infringement offenses.

  • uTorrent Makers Distance Themselves From Piracy

    BitTorrent Inc., the company behind the popular file-sharing clients uTorrent and BitTorrent, is distancing itself from online piracy. BitTorrent Inc. emphasizes that their software has a wide range of legal uses and that the company doesn’t support those who use their tools to pirate. “We do not endorse piracy. We do not encourage it. We don’t point to piracy sites,” BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker says.

  • Pirate Party Proxy Shutdown Means Activists Will Fight Another Day

    As reported earlier today, the UK Pirate Party has taken the difficult decision to shut down their Pirate Bay proxy service. The law firm representing the party has informed TorrentFreak that due to the state of the law, choosing to carry on providing the service would be “untenable”. While PPUK’s move will be unpopular with some, it does mean that the party can put this episode behind them and fight another day.

  • Pirate Party Shuts Down Pirate Bay Proxy After Legal Threats

    The UK Pirate Party has taken down its popular Pirate Bay proxy. While no official statement has yet been released, it’s believed that legal threats made by music industry group BPI are behind the unexpected move. The decision comes a few days after six individual Pirate Party members received a letter from the BPI’s solicitors. In addition to taking down the proxy, the Pirate Party have also pulled their legal battle fundraiser campaign.

  • Kim Dotcom Shows Off MEGA Rack (Updated)

    Aside from starring in a Christmas play and fighting legal battles on two continents, Kim Dotcom is also working hard on the release of the new Megaupload.  Mega, as the new service is called, will go live in a month and today Dotcom showed off one of his many new racks, packing a cool 720 terabytes of data.

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