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June 17, 2012 in Technology


1. USE CUSTOMIZED / HEAVILY MODIFIED CODE. It’s best to stick with what works, and keep it as far away from the controlled mainstream garbage as possible. This will enhance security and keep us unique

2. CONTINUE TO PROMOTE FREEDOM. Allow us to message who we want, friend who we want, start groups, do anything we want as long as it doesn’t affect others negatively. Freedom is of the utmost important, even more so than fighting ‘spam.’

3. USE COMMON SENSE. Trolls are here. Patriots are here. We are being subverted. But those with two firing neurons will realize this and will stick to their guns. Just use logic and don’t implement unnecessary draconian cyber-tyranny.

4. PROMOTE AS MUCH NETWORKING AND CROSS-PROMOTION AS POSSIBLE. Make widgets, bookmarklets, banners, sub-sites, whatever we can to expand the operation exponentially. Don’t inhibit growth.

5. DON’T IMPLEMENT MASS CENSORSHIP CONTROLS. Moderators can manage their own groups quite fine and should be the best judges of content for their created group, and can ban when things get out of hand. The community can also chide in of course if/when needed.

6. RESPECT PRIVACY. I like how we don’t have to give away all our personal details. There is nothing worse than a legion of government trolls hunting down all your personal information.

7. EDUCATE USERS ON TIPS. I see this is already being done on several groups. With knowledge, we don’t need as much code implemented. Users will learn how to do things themselves.

8. DON’T MESS WITH THE USERBASE. The users are the building blocks of the website and should not be inhibited, archived, tucked away, exploited, expunged or harassed. Live and let live if at all possible.

9. DON’T MAKE THIS ANOTHER POPULARITY CONTEST. Digg, Reddit, and YouTube are examples of this. Trendfests – we don’t want and don’t need them.

10. DON’T DISCLOSE UNNECESSARY DETAILS. I want my location private, so do many others. This is our privacy right.

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  1. Couldn’t be better spoken. Except I like the idea of having more global moderators.

  2. i agree with each of the ten and i would propose that we add one more…

    11. DON’T ADD A FLAG BUTTON. A flag function reduces the discourse to the lowest common denominator because the majority can use it to suppress unconventional ideas. It also fosters a culture of “snitching” similar to DHS terrorism tips hotline. that moderator is best which moderates least. preserve free speech on planet infowars

  3. Good stuff! I agree on your ideas.

  4. Interesting observations.

  5. yup.
    full agreement here.
    thanks op.

  6. I have issue with unregulated Article posts. I don’t mind people saying what they want to say, but blatently putting rubbish in the wrong sub-heading is highly irritating. I do not want to click on an article which features a single link for the main text, nor do I want some speech about how Im going to hell in the Science section.

  7. JP said on June 18, 2012

    The only exception I would make to any of that is when people make duplicate threads. The duplicates need to be removed, and if there’s comments in both, then merge them into the kept thread.

    Duplicate threads are spam imo.

  8. All sounds reasonable to me..

  9. Agreed! Good post!

  10. All very good points. Thank you.

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