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Tool Making And Various Process Of Tool Making

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April 5, 2017 in Technology


Since primitive age, we humans have indulged ourselves in tool making process to make our day to day work easier. Whether it is a stone axe used by early man to do his daily hunting or 21st centuries well complex and sophisticated machines used in factories. The human mind is constantly exploring and racing its mind to develop tools which can reduce the human labor to as low level as possible. If we look around us, we’ll find amazing human inventions that have transformed our way of living life. Tools like a basic hammer, drilling machine or a plier are a common scene in every household nowadays.

What is tool making
Tool making just like any other profession requires skilled craftsmen who are capable of making tools. They are aware of the basic know of making tools and the manufacturing of tools require high expertise just like any other technical job. Tool making simply means manufacturing tools ranging from simple to complex tools which are either final made tools or produce to manufacture further other products in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process takes place in factories where large machines are used to make tools.

The tool making process
The process isn’t as easy as it seems to be. The process includes tool designing, basic layout, material to be used and the manufacturing process. While earlier, manual tool designing and manufacturing was done, with the advancement of technology and new innovations and knowledge available, Computer aided designing and manufacturing are very much in use.

Manual tool making process
The engineers design the basic layout of the tools. The entire process is cumbersome, taking care of even very intricate details like the type and weight of the metal used, its specific design and the overall shape and size of the tools. They try to minimize any human errors and try to be as accurate with the calculations as much possible. Then, the factories use the material to shape tools using machinery like grinding machines, power tools etc.

Computer aided designing and manufacturing
Special software are now available which has made the process much simpler and with less error. Computer-aided design (CAD) is user-friendly, easy to use technology which lets the designing process lot easier. It consists of various features and templates that speed up the designing process. It also has a 3D feature which simplified the evaluation process of the tool after the designing is finished.

Though the computer aided manufacturing (CAM) process is highly complex in nature and requires special computer programs and other support systems. It also needs assistance in terms of tool making environment.

Advantages of CAD & CAM over Manual tool making
With technology coming to rescue, the computer-based tool making process has made it simpler and the cost of manufacturing is also decreasing that too in less time. Another advantage is of avoidance of error in tool making process.

While the term ‘tool making’ sounds dull and boring, the entire process is quite stimulating and needs substantial skills. In addition to that, keeping up with the digital knowledge has made this field even more challenging.

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