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The Increase of Computer Science Education in California

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March 20, 2017 in Technology


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The current governor of California Jerry Brown has approved a law about a significant enhancement in education, which involves science technology. The law is planned for three next years. The future of its prolongation would depend on the achieved results in the course of these three years.

This kind of education will become a top priority for the entire state. It has bright future and really promising perspectives for all educational institutions within the state. Digital technologies are constantly improving and open multiple benefits for anyone. Consequently, their implementation in the educational system will also bring various dividends.

The usefulness of computer technologies is no novelties nowadays. They are commonly used by high schoolers and students for different purposes. One of which is the completion of home assignments. For instance, many who seek special assignment writing help on various online services.

The government of California decided to increase the implementation of computer science. It is believed that it would enlarge the increase in job demands in this very area. Today, there are tens of thousands of open computing jobs in the state. The salaries are sufficiently higher, which is very attractive for college graduates. Nevertheless, the educational system of the state struggles to meet this very workforce and economic capabilities.

Assembly member Susan Bonilla, who is the author of this bill, is confident that the introduction of this law will provide the students with more dependable chances of acquiring the desired profession. The students will be well-prepared for such future. In addition, there is a possibility to engage the students of different age groups, which is a great advantage.

According to pretty reliable predictions, there will appear about 531,000 job offers in the computing area by 2024. This means that this sphere of activity is developing intensively and very fast. Therefore, the target of the officials is to prepare the required number of specialists to cover the demand.

Right now, only 25% of all high schools in the state include computer science courses to their curriculums. Of course, the numbers of the involved schools is not suitable.

Nevertheless, the bill faces a problem of financial support. Even state and federal funds are not able to help in full. The main help is expected from private or public partnerships. It becomes possible to bring the law to life only in such collaboration. The law also includes grants for a greater encouragement throughout California.

Amongst other goals of the bill is to develop special computer courses for kindergartens. The Instructional Quality Commission is responsible for this procedure and is obliged to develop the plan until July 2019.

Currently, several school districts are working on the expansion of their computer science curriculum. The collaboration also involves various national groups, which would ensure funding and teacher training.

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