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TCS Computers Data Recovery Service In Belgium

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August 7, 2017 in Technology


What Is Data Recovery?

To recover your lost data not accessible by normal means. Depending on the type of failure, it could range from using software to probe your hard disk to yield the data hidden inside or literally visiting the magnetic coating on the hard disk platter to extract and reconstruct your data. Read today TCS Computers data recovery.

• How do hard disks fail?
• What are the signs that your hard disk will be breaking down soon?
• What should you do if your hard disk fails?
• What is the time needed for evaluation?
• How do you know the price quoted by TCS Computers Data Recovery is reasonable?
• How are the costs calculated?
• How do you receive the recovered data?
• What do you mean by Class 100 Cleanroom?
• How do I know that my data will be kept confidential?

How Do Hard Disks Fail?

A hard drive can fail logically or physically. In a logical failure, the hard drive itself and your data are safe, but the computer has “forgotten” wherever and how your data is stored. This could be a result of software or operating system conflict. In physical failures, one or numerous parts of the hard disk mechanism has malfunctioned. This could happen due to physically dropping or shaking of the hard disk, or normal wear and tear.

What Are The Signs That Your Hard Drive Will Be Breaking Down Soon?

You may hear abnormal sounds like grinding, scraping, whining or clicking sounds or the computer sometimes doesn’t recognize the hard drive. These are early warning signs that your hard disk may be failing. However, a hard disk may not always alert you with such sounds before it fails. Keep in mind that the platters in your hard disk spin at an incredible speed, so the normal operating sound is expected. It is the unusual or abnormal sounds that you need to worry about. In the event your computer doesn’t even detect your hard disk, it has failed.

What Should You Do If Your Hard Disk Fails?

Leave the disk alone and entrust it to experts to recover your data. Any further work on your end with your failed hard disk may be further damaging your data and greatly reduce the amount of your data that may be recovered. It is entirely possible to lose your data permanently if you try to write back to your hard drive, or worse if someone unqualified opens the hard drive and exposes the sensitive platters inside to contamination.

What Is The Time Needed For Evaluation?

For standard evaluation, on average we will require minimum 3 working days. This is however dependent on the number of jobs on hand. We will always get the evaluation done as soon as possible while maintaining a thorough evaluation. Just like a patient requiring surgery, the doctor will need time to plan for the best course of action before the actual operation.

How Do You Know The Price Quoted By TCS Computers Data Recovery Is Reasonable?

We are one of the few who readily publishes prices on our site. Needless to say, in doing so, we are confident of our prices and quality of work we deliver. If you are able to produce written a proof that other service providers can do it for a lower price, we will match the listed price.

How Are The Costs Calculated?

The exact cost of data recovery depends on the complexity of the job. As such the cost of a complex job is, therefore, higher than a simple job.

How Do You Receive The Recovered Data?

You are advised to provide a data storage media with identical or larger capacity than the damaged drive.

How Do You Know That Your Data Will Be Kept Confidential?

Our facilities are double locked at all times to prevent unauthorized access. As a substance of fact, we do not even disclose the physical location of our facilities to prevent theft. As an added measure, we run in lock-down mode where all our systems used in data recovery do not have access to the internet. These are the same criteria used in the military, to prevent loss of state secrets.

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