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Suppressed Emdrive Technology Making A Comeback?

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December 11, 2012 in Technology


“Chinese researchers claim they’ve confirmed  the theory behind an ”impossible” space drive, and are proceeding to  build a demonstration  version. If they’re right, this might transform  the economics of  satellites, open up new possibilities for space  exploration – and give the Chinese a decisive military advantage in  space. To say that the ” Emdrive”   (short for “electromagnetic drive”) concept is controversial would be an understatement. According to Roger Shawyer, the British scientist  who  developed the concept, the drive converts electrical energy into  thrust  via microwaves, without violating any laws of physics. Many researchers believe otherwise. An article about the Emdrive in New Scientist magazine drew a massive volley of criticism. Scientists not only  argued  that Shawyer’s work was blatantly impossible, and that his reasoning  was flawed. They also said the article should never have been published.”




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1 response to Suppressed Emdrive Technology Making A Comeback?

  1. haha :) Robert Goddard was attacked in exactly the same way. xD All the ‘smart’ scientists ‘knew’ that it would be ‘impossible’ to build a rocket. Regardless that the Chinese had been doing it for centuries with fireworks.

    I dunno anything about this but I suspect EM / affected drive technology would be the way to the stars. %) That’s why those eye witness accounts of the experimental aircraft show them passing into water from air and traveling at hyper-sonic velocities without creating a sound. They are warping reality around them. There is no friction.

    Though you don’t want to collapse the field straight away :O remember star-trek. If you’re traveling at 500mph and the field collapses, you’ll effectively go from 0-500mph in a split-second. *ouch* Who could survive that type of acceleration as the laws of physics take hold. :P

    Blah blah, I’ve had too much sci-fi and black coffee. :< Interesting article, thanks Genesis.

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