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Sequencing DNA With A Nanopore Array?

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December 27, 2012 in Technology


“Voltage controlled nanopores are able to detect and analyze single DNA strand molecules while they are moving through the nanopore. The principle is simple: a negatively charged DNA molecule is attracted to the opposite side of the nanopore and the strand will unfold and stretch itself while moving fast through the extremely small nanopore. Conductivity changes in the nanopore will report on the size, concentration and composition of the nucleotide sequence. Such system can replace current molecular techniques to determine size and concentration (e.g. PCR, restriction analysis, site-directed mutagenesis, etc.) with the prospect to even do genome sequencing. This PhD project aims to work on the biological application of solid state fabricated nanopores for fast and sensitive DNA analysis and on the technological integration aspects of such single molecule analysis system pushing to the limit all the capabilities on nanofluidics, and and DNA biosensors available within imec.”






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  1. The research sounds promising, this is cool!

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