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Secret Technology In Nano Fabric Clothing?

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December 12, 2012 in Technology


nano silver antimicrobial shirt fabric

we manufacture various kinds of Frabic,like yarn dyed,plain stripe,twill.
Also,we could provide lots of functional Frabic, such as , antimicrobial functional frabric, anion function agent, far-infrared frabric.ultrviolet-proof frabric.and nano silver aroma degout faric, etc.


Yes, that far-infrared fabric would be good for IR/Thermal cameras that are located just about everywhere.


Especially, for those laser equipped drones too.


Nanosilver/microbial fabric material in clothes is good for many purposes.

“Nanofinishing techniques include: UV blocking, anti-microbial, bacterial and fungal, flame retardant, wrinkle resistant, anti-static, insect and/or water repellant and self-cleaning properties.”



It is also good for corporations and government to surveil their employees/citizens without their knowledge.

“Home health monitoring for the elderly, observing outpatients in postoperative and chronic illness situations, training support for athletes, remote monitoring for first responders, hazard materials workers and soldiers in the field, watching professional truck drivers’ vital signs to alert them of fatigue.”  (Pages 6, 14-15)


Not only could people’s private health Infomation could be extracted by IR/Thermal surveillance, but by their cell phones or laptops too.  It is the MEMS indside the devices.

“MEMS is everywhere. From smartphones, tablets and video games to automotive  stability control systems, airbag crash sensors and blood-pressure monitors, we  are using MEMS to improve our everyday lives in ways that we could have scarcely  imagined just a few years ago,” said Karen Lightman, managing director, MIG. “At  MEMS Executive Congress 2012, we will take a collective look beyond the mainstream applications of MEMS. Will smartphones become intelligent aids for people with Alzheimer’s or autism?”



Our bodies do generate electricity.


So it make very easly for nano silver fabric material to record, monitor, measure, and transfer the life energy data we use in everyday life.




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  1. Ever since I heard a lady interviewed on public radio about how toxic the “flame-resistant” children’s clothing is and how it is basically a scam, I have tried to stick to used clothes for my family. Here’s another good reason you have provided here to stick to the thrift stores and garage sales.

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