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Remote Control War

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January 31, 2013 in Technology




Drones and other remotely controlled devices in modern military applications, both overt and covert Remote Control War illustrates how warfare is being revolutionized in a monumental shift unlike anything in our human history.

The current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan exemplify the world’s first Robotic War.


The American robotic fleet, almost non-existent when the US and its allies invaded Iraq in 2003, has today grown to number 7,000 robots in the air and 12,000 others on the ground. Some 43 other countries, including Canada, are now using robots in combat.

From an air force base in New Mexico, pilots control the planes on deadly missions thousands of kilometres away in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The drones, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft as the military prefer to call them, are Barack Obama’s favourite weapon in the fight against al-Qaeda.
But opponents liken them to playing a video game, ending with the real-life execution of people without trial.

Another senior Al-Qaeda militant has been killed in a strike by a US drone. This time, in Yemen. Fahd Al-Quso was one of the FBI’s most wanted, with a $5 million price tag on his head. The remote-controlled drone attacks are deeply controversial. They have killed militants and civilians alike, and have severely damaged America’s relationship with countries like Pakistan, considered to be an ally in the so-called war on terror. It’s rare to get access to the facilities in the US, where the drones are operated from.

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