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Microsoft’s Consumer Detector

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November 5, 2012 in Technology


“Just when you think the cable TV viewing experience couldn’t get any worse, GeekWire reports on the Microsoft Xbox Incubation team’s patent-pending Consumer Detector, which uses cameras and sensors like those in the Xbox 360 Kinect controller to monitor, count and in some cases identify the people in a room watching television, movies and other content.

Should the number of viewers detected exceed the limits of a particular content license, the system would halt playback unless additional viewing rights were purchased.”

In Capitalist America, Television watches you!

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2 responses to Microsoft’s Consumer Detector

  1. Think about how the possible applications for this will further screw consumers.

    When you purchase a game you purchase a license to use that game – you don’t really own it. Want to pass the controller to your friend so he can play? Not so fast! UNAUTHORIZED USER. Is he a registered user? No? Feel free to purchase a single use guest pass every time he wants to play. He hasn’t agreed to the license agreement and isn’t allowed to play the game.

    This could also be use to send targeted ads based on the content you view similar to how tracking cookies in web browsers are used to give you local or regional ads on certain websites.

  2. It does more than that. It is the Microsoft Kinect in the XBox 360. There is an infrared light that monitors your brain waves. The US Army is installing them in them in their helicopter cockpits.



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