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Mayan End Date for CERN Largest Experiment Ever

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December 13, 2012 in Technology


This year, CERN is beginning another set of experiments in hopes to getting that much closer to completing the Standard Model. Scientists at CERN have announced test dates for the rest of the year, as well as some curious dates can be found in the upcoming schedule.

Starting Monday, December 17, 2012 and going through Friday, December 21, 2012, CERN will be launching and running a series of collisions, which are predicted to break records in high voltage collisions already set by the LHC. With these experiments, the scientists are hoping to create atomic reactions that would provide further information about anti-matter, and the big bang.\

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6 responses to Mayan End Date for CERN Largest Experiment Ever

  1. So what’s the point…. If they ever achieved understanding “the big bang” or so-called antimatter then what are they gonna do with such knowledge? Weapons/destruction first I presume… Basically a bunch of children trying to play god.

    • Because they seek answers? It’s only natural.

      • I can give them some answers but they won’t like it. To me it seems like they wanna use such knowledge to play god, similar to what happened after the discovery of the atom. I’m not saying good developments can’t be a result but I don’t believe their intentions are anywhere near righteous. They obviously don’t apply God to their science but either way what exactly is to gain from understanding the so-called big bang? What could achieving such answers result in?

        • Scientists always worked to solve questions where Religion gave God as the answer.
          Everyone wants to know where they came from, what was there before our universe became the way it is.
          If an orphan seeks out to find who his/her parents were, he/she doesn’t think about what there is to gain from such a revelation. It’s an existential curiosity.

          • Well if they already arrogantly ruled God out as a valid answer then I guarantee nothing good will come out of these experiments. Maybe if the world considered my discovery about the terrestrial planets then one could realize a much better avenue for a valid answer and possibly see the delicate state our world is in. We already know the “elite” psychopaths are the ones who probably established such experiment and if anyone thinks they have our best intentions when conducting them then they have another thing coming. I predict if they were able to re-create the beginning of creation then most likely a unstable chain reaction would happen that destroys us all but I doubt they have enough energy to carry that out anyways. Plus smashing two particles together is not how the so-called big bang occurred, so either they are not very intelligent or that is just a front while their actual goals remain secret.

    • you are all assuming that other sciences won’t use this to better mankind. Yea new weapons will come of this but so will power reactors and with hope the ability to see the stars, everything but the power required for intergalactic journeys is there accept a way to power it, maybe Gene Rodenberry will be right and the ability to traverse the stars will bring mankind together under a flag of human dignity and respect….

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