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life, the pyramids and everything.

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December 15, 2012 in Technology


Life, the pyramids and everything.

…well,  ok.  Maybe not everything.  And bugger all about life either.  But here’s a brief rundown of my knowledge fetish I have with the Pyramids of Egypt.  All information/media in this ever-expanding article is plagiarized and bent and twisted into my own unique view (one eye shut) of reality. In other words,  I claim “fair use”. This article is still young, and is being updated quite often at the moment. Some of the content was written by some cat during various stages of inebriation and the writing style will reflect this. Periodically, the sober cat will turn up and give it a polish, vanishing the more colourful text into the space between the ones and zeros forever. This article will step on a few toes, oh well. They’re only hippies and new-age collectivists. So who cares.
This article is written for pyramid-ophiles like me.
Here goes…

Construction of the Pyramids.
Aliens? C’mon, really? Let’s just pretend that humanity is smart enough to get as far as we have without alien assistance.  Hell, we probably ARE the aliens if the theory of panspermia holds any water-ice. So how did our ancestors build them? Well, after our alien ancestors slipped out of their amoeba suit into something a bit more uncomfortable with thumbs fitted as standard equipment, it was only a matter of time before they started building sandcastles. Using their sandcastle buckets, they POURED every single one of those pyramid stones IN PLACE with their colonel’s secret recipe of faux granite and faux limestone rammed-earth/concrete. No ramps, no heavy lifting, just heaps of dudes with buckets and timber formwork. The evidence of machining of the stone, the magical drill speeds of the core drills can all be explained away easily when you know the rammed earth/concrete hadn’t fully cured when they did it.

Here’s an awesome video showing the rammed-earth process below.


Purpose of the Pyramids.
Well, mainstream archaeology are always gonna throw the old “it’s a tomb” misdirection out there. No remains or artifacts of “Ancient Egyptian” variety have ever been found inside the great pyramid, other than the few examples of fake quarry workers marks (quarry marks on poured concrete?-FAIL).  When they were operational, what was it that they did?  Let’s start with what they didn’t, and narrow down the field a bit.  Did they house dessicated dead dudes?  Ha! If I said they did, you’d stop reading! Did aliens use them to charge up their space ships? Pffft. As if aliens are gonna rely on a pile of concrete that stinks worse than a public toilet in Roppongi to get back home.  And there goes the first clue.  You missed it.  I know.  Everyone misses it.  They cough,  they splutter,  their eyes water, gagging on the stench, barely able to hold the smoldering question of “why would they build such a thing?” in their minds as the ammonia burns their eyeballs.  Yeah, that’s just ammonia from bat urine, or from some tourist that couldn’t bear the thought of carrying his full bladder up and out of the pyramid.  Just ignore the smell and enjoy your stay in mysterious Egypt.  Assuming you’re still reading at this point,  I’ll continue…  I reckon the pyramids are the giant pressure vessels of an ancient ammonia plant. Ammonia is pretty important stuff.  Without it, we’d be dead.  Our bodies create ammonia to get rid of excess acid,  It’s also used for fertilizer,  refrigerant,  disinfectant,  explosives,  alternative fuel for cars, buses furnaces and the like.  The traditional tale told of the pyramids usually go along the lines of the pyramids generating something for the benefit of all mankind- ammonia fits the bill nicely.

Ze Germans (don’t mention the war).
If we learned anything from Indiana Jones, It’s that Germans were sneaking around the desert,  digging stuff up,  opening strange containers and getting their heads melted off while looking for the “temple of salomon”.  Two Germans,  Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch,  built a reactor in 1909,  patented in 1910,  that formed anhydrous liquid ammonia from atmospheric gases in a high pressure vessel,  now referred to as the Haber-Bosch process.  It was first used on an industrial scale by the Germans during World War I,  following the blockade that cut off their supply of nitrates from Chile. The ammonia was used to produce fertilizer, fuel and explosives for Germany during the war.  Using the Haber-Bosch process,  ammonia can be produced literally out of thin air. (and yet, the nwo scum insist on producing nitrogen fertilizer from mined ores, providing them with a steady supply of “fluoride”).
This high-pressure ammonia reactor was built in 1921 by BASF in Ludwigshafen and was re-erected on the premises of the University of Karlsruhe in Germany (in the eyes of nwo scum, symbolically a pyramid?).
Ze Germans had been tinkering with producing ammonia out of thin air (nitrogen fixing) for a while before Haber&Bosch got their patent  (I just mention these guys because they started I.G. Farben…).

The Romans called the ammonium chloride deposits they collected in ancient Libya from near the Temple of Amun/Jupiter “sal ammoniacus” (salt of Ammon). Ammon/Amun(Greek-Ἄμμων)/Jupiter is the “God of life”. The gases of the planet Jupiter (Ammon) include nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, methane, and AMMONIA. I’d also like to throw something else at all this and see if it sticks.  The pyramids could be described as a “Temple of sal-ammonia” (temple of salammon/solomon).  Also,  the Manna machine, as in  “manna from heaven”  fame, would “ammonia out of thin air” be a reasonable modern translation?.
Ammonia is pretty important stuff. Without it, we’d be dead. Our bodies create ammonia to get rid of excess acid, It’s also used for fertilizer, refrigerant, disinfectant, explosives, alternative fuel for cars, buses, furnaces and the like. Another interesting quality of ammonia,  is that it destroys some harmful metals, including strontium.  Is it possible these pyramids were built to clean the atmosphere of radioactive particles after an ancient thermo-nuclear war/explosion? As evidenced by whole cities (Harappa,  Mohenjo-daro) discovered by archaeology to have been vitrified by extreme temperatures, where the carbonized human remains discovered have been the most radio-active found.  Not to mention the layer of sand turned to glass in the middle east desert that is apparently ubiquitous in the region.  The knowledge of nitrogen fixing processes was what enabled the people of the world to leap towards a population size that is becoming ever difficult to control by a small, ever paranoid elite class. Nitrogen fixing (ammonia production) has been hailed as the single most important (re)discovery in the 20th Century.
Whatever the reason to build these giant ammonia reactors, it was a valid one.

Supporting Features of the Pyramids.
Here’s where I get to mention the “three granite plugs”…  The gas-tight rammed-earth construction makes a grand pressure vessel.  The bigger the pyramid,  the more concrete blocks poured,  the greater gas pressures are achievable.  The pyramids originally were each surrounded by a moat wall,  that would be filled to the brim with water from the Nile.  The moat kept the slightly porous pyramid saturated with water, the denser, less porous casing stones keeping the inner stones wet, enabling tremendous pressures inside. The causeway to the Nile had an enclosed top.  The mouth of the causeway,  reaching down to the tide had a wall around it to keep the mouth submerged even with the tide completely out.  This was an “exhaust pipe” for the waste gas from the ammonia plant, as ammonia being water-soluble would be forced to bubble through  this self cleaning (every tide) bubbler,  reducing hazards for the populace. As the moat was loaded with water, flooding the pyramid’s descending passage and rising up the “first ascending passage” where it greets the first of three granite plugs resting inside their individual granite “girdle stones”. The presence of water between the granite plug and it’s girdle stone provided just enough lubrication to cause the granite plug to lose it’s grip and slide down to the bottom sealing the pyramid. One after another, controlled by the level in the water column outside the pyramid the granite plugs were tripped by the rising water and sent sliding to the bottom, each time initiating a higher pressure as the pyramid worked through it’s reaction phases. Once the inner chambers are pressurized, the “three granite plugs” acting as a check-valve in their tapered (from wear) cavity would be impossible to open against the internal pressure of the pyramid.  Once the batch process is complete,  the water column outside the pyramid is drained, while at the same level in the “grotto”, a float valve (like in a carburettor) drains out, opening a high-pressure needle valve to vent the pressure/product from inside the pyramid.  With the pressure released,  the counter-weighted pulley system in the “grand gallery” is activated/powered by the drop in pressure, and the “three granite plugs” are retracted back up into the pyramid with minimal effort, allowing access to the end product(s) and to refresh consumables.  The multiple layers of granite slabs and their cavities above the “kings chamber” may be a stratification/purification/fractional distillation column, or, just a thermal/moisture barrier between the heated reaction chamber-”kings chamber”, and the damp bulk of the pyramid. The “air shafts” are actually the opposite to the truth, as usual. Water would weep into the “air shafts” from the damp bulk of the pyramid and keep two small patches of the walls in the “kings(reaction)chamber” damp to provide steam for the “steam reforming” phase of the “Haber-Bosch” process. Wait… these turkeys PATENTED THIS? The same water feed setup supplies the “queens(reaction)chamber” too. The water supply in the Khendjer pyramid’s reaction core (down the page) is quite obvious, with it’s reservoir on each side of the core, possibly only receiving a measured amount of water at each batch, as opposed to the great pyramid, whereas the “air shafts” flow of water to the reactor chambers was automatic.

Age of the Pyramids.
Here we plummet into the realm of pure, free-base hypothesis.
Going along with the theory that this is an ancient Al-Kemi-cal plant, there would have been no reason to build a whopping great glorious sphinx in the middle of it. It seems to me that the original state of the sphinx was yet another rammed earth/concrete structure that served a wholly industrial purpose as did every thing else in the complex. When one views the sphinx, we see a lion’s body with a human head too small in proportion to the body. Assuming the theory that the sphinx originally had a lions head, it therefore was possibly carved over the original industrial structure during the age of Leo (if you don’t know when that was, go beat it out of a hippie). Then, sometime since the age of Leo, some vain elitist had the original, correctly proportioned lion’s head carved over by his slaves / happy artisans. The pyramids could have been built anytime before the age of Leo, and the “Pharonic Egyptian” style is merely graffiti on the rammed-earth/concrete concrete structures produced by earlier tribes of man, and ALL examples of the “Pharonic Egyptian style” of rock polishing possibly have no connection whatsoever with the construction of the pyramids, and are merely the embellishments of worship on the originally bland, blank canvas of industrial remains that legend told had life-giving properties.

Random Brainfarts.
The word “Pyramid” has a fractured etymology– “Pyr” comes from Ancient Greek, meaning fire (as in Pyromaniac, Funeral Pyre).
“amid” comes from Middle English, meaning inside, within (amidships, amidst).
Sometime since the late middle ages, some frilly git apparently decided that a geometric polyhedron of which one face is a polygon, and the other faces are triangles with a common vertex should be appropriately named “fire inside”.
Oh yeah, THAT makes PERFECT sense. Nice one Bro.<br /
Freshly excavated pyramids reek of ammonia.
South american pyramids also reek of ammonia.
Chemical, Chemistry comes from the word Alchemy,  actually,  Al-Kemi meaning “of Egypt”.
The “robber’s entrance” supposedly dug by a Caliph (Mamoun) looking for treasure (see Edgar Cayce’s hand-drawn schematic above),  was pretty lucky. the spot he chose to burrow into the pyramid just happened to be the right spot.  Yeah right,  whatever.  Anyone with half a brian :) can see the odds of getting it right.  Slim to none,  unless he knew precisely where to dig…  or he actually burrowed OUT of the pyramid creating the “robber’s entrance”!  After gaining access to the interior by pushing the “three granite plugs” up into the grand gallery,  he discovered something so physically big that it warranted excavating a new route out of the structure as getting the object(s) around the bend where the ”three granite plugs” are currently located (at the bottom of their travel) was an impossibility.  No wonder the pit was full of rubble!  Could the object have been a rust-proof iron column, long since re-cast into something like the ancient iron Ashoka Pillar in India as a totem to the life-giving tales of old?

How about this for a bronze combination condenser/cyclone/soot removal unit? And yes, it’s hollow.

From all the general mathematical awesomeness of the great pyramid,  I like this one,  the center line of the “kings chamber” falls on the modern grid latitude of

29degrees 58’45.28″ N.Latitude,  which decimalized, becomes:

29.9792458 degrees N.Latitude.

299,792,458 metres per second is the speed of light.  Coincidence? So they say.

Sunspots and outbursts of energy from the sun often originate from those narrow bands 19.5 degrees north and south of the sun’s equator- the same location of the pyramids here on earth.  Could the pyramids have also harnessed similar forces here on earth? A reciprocating magnetic field perhaps?
A notable property of ammonia is that it depletes itself as it destroys some types of metals-strontium among others. Could a purpose of chemtrails be to strip fixed nitrogen from the soil?
Sarcophagus? LOL.

A note on Userkaf.
Here’s smaller example of a temple of sal ammon, the “tomb” (this is just getting silly) of Userkaf. the moat walls depicted in black show the check valves (one-way valves) between the chambers of this particular plant, indicating the flow of water through the structure. Keeping in mind the flat roof over chambers 4, 5, 6 and 7 (exhaust causeway) was also moated to maintain saturation/impermeability.
Another view of Userkaf, less the flat, moated roof…

A beautiful rendition of the sal-ammonia temple at Khendjer.
Note the double moat wall and flat, moated roof.
And here’s a look at Khendjer’s innards.
…but… it’s a tomb! insert LOL here.

A note on corbelled rooms in the pyramids.
As much as I like the idea of these corbelled cavities being tuned resonator chambers, I’m going to have to put another thought out there. The corbelling effect happens as a matter of course (masonry pun intended) when cantilevering into a space, encroaching more and more over the desired cavity until meeting in the middle and enclosing the top at a pre-determined height. Another mauling of the resonance, vibration, gaia worshipping NWO hippie collectivist mental-floss proponents.

Here’s a monster size photo of Menkaures for you.
Now that your constipated dial-up connection has finally passed this picture, you can see those teeny weeny people entering the bottom of the pyramid.
if you look closer,
you’ll see that while the rammed earth was still wet and workable the casing stones around the entrance were smoothed flat to enable an airtight seal to it’s satellite structure. In the above photo, if you look really close at the casing stone immediately next to the timber walkway, on the same course, you can see where they’ve been poking the slurry from above. Also note that all the casing stones BUT these ones remain. Is this due to the presence of the satellite structure when the casing stones were removed? (Check out the satellite structure on the Khendjer pyramid).
Notice too, the gaping gash in the body of the pyramid. Looks like a long, slender object was removed, like out of the great pyramid but by a different route.
One last thing about this pic of Menkaure, notice the nubs at the bottom of the stones- same style in south america. They’re probably rammed earth too.

Here’s a view of the Sahure pyramid’s plumbing.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/df/Sahure_Pyramid_Complex_Legend.png/800px-Sahure_Pyramid_Complex_Legend.png

It’ll be great when some modern-day ammonia plant guy comes along and writes a key for these numbers.  “that’s the water pump”, “that’s the steam reformer”,  “that’s the condenser”….

Here’s another depiction of Sahure, This one’s a model- pretty cool to be paid to make it.


Check out the moated roofs on this bad boy !

Here’s another view of Sahure.





The New World Order scum know the secrets of the pyramids,  and have probably known for quite some time. The World has sustained a higher population in the ancient past than we have currently on this planet,  over population is a myth.  7 billion people,  we can give EVERY man, womb-man and child a quarter-acre plot of land EACH in Australia and still have Tasmania, Queensland and the rest of the world standing empty.
Well,  that’s the end of my little article… for now.  I’ll update it as I learn more.
Inspiration for this article provided by, in no particular order: Karl P. Munke,  Chris Dunn,  Carmen Boulter.

May You Stumble Upon Un-guarded Cheeses.  Nyantaro.

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10 responses to life, the pyramids and everything.

  1. I think that the Great Pyramid was built using barges and water locks. There is a web site which has a video series showing how this was done. The web site is: http://www.thepump.org

    • cheers for that, yeah i’ve seen that lot already. While i don’t think it’s the case with the pyramids (the “stones” being poured on site), stonehenge, silbury hill and around that area have moat and canal earthworks that are still visible that lead directly to the ocean, so i believe those massive bluestones were floated in on barges to those ancient sites in particular.

  2. “heaps of dudes with buckets and timber formwork” LOL

    Good article Nyantaro. I’m neither chemist nor physicist, I can’t argue with you hypothesis. I think it’s one of the better ones.

    As a scholar of English I did enjoy your writing style. Voted up. Keep up the funny work! May the cheese be with you!

    • Thanks for putting your thumb up there, man. nice one. I’m neither chemist nor physicist either, neither nor the other. This article is evidence of what can happen when you combine a free and open internet, booze, cheese and a small lion with synapses short-circuited by mercury. bzzzt. twitch. twitch. bzzt.

  3. Yea, sorry ive been MIA for awhile, the Prepper Lifestyle has kept me pretty busy lately. Anyway, ill check it out & let u kno what I think…

  4. What did the ancient Egyptians use the ammonia for? Ammonia is a necessary chemical biologically, but in large concentrated amounts it is deadly, including the gas. Just like chlorine or fluoride, it is a biocide. They could have used it for water purification like chlorine is currently, but that’s unlikely considering they primarily drank “beer” for thirst and nutrients. (I can cite that if needed)

    Thanks for not indulging in extraterrestrial historical fantasy, as I’m always explaining to people no matter how many stars and habitable planets are out there everything seen on Earth, even unidentified flying objects, are likely of terrestrial origin. Duh.

    • i know my writing style leaves much to be desired, the answer IS buried there however -”The ammonia was used to produce fertilizer, fuel explosives, and is used as a refrigerant… Using the Haber-Bosch process, ammonia can be produced literally out of thin air.”

      Also, you mentioned “beer”…
      Now i can’t think about anything else.
      man, i’m thirsty…
      …so very thirsty…
      …toiling away in the hot egyptian desert sun…

    • curious why we spend millions if not billions on a space program if everything was terrestrial… not to mention privately funded programs

      • they (you know, them. they’re bastards) probably do it out of sheer boredom.
        if i had that kind of cash, there’d be ufo demolition derby streaming live from the asteroid belt every saterday night.

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