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Kicked Off The Net — Traffic Dropped to Zero April 19th Patriots Day

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April 20, 2017 in Technology


It started slowly about a month ago. Content I have on numerous sites was accessed less and less frequently until yesterday, when as if someone flipped a switch, all content I have ever published on any site was not being looked at by web users. My traffic has literally fallen off a cliff. Unless you access articles, videos and sites directly by typing the exact url in your web browser I am receiving zero hits from web searches from All search engines.

I knew this day was coming with the recent passage of legislation and attacks on free speech. Well it’s here. I no longer have free speech online. The only people that will read this post are people coming to planet infowars directly because it will never be indexed and if it is indexed will never be made available to the public. All of my stuff is still indexed in the search engines but just doesn’t come up in searches. If you copy a link to one of my posts and paste it in the address window of your browser you will find it otherwise it is unavailable.

This is obvious collusion between all of these companies and must include new ai algos designed to exclude my material. It’s kinda pointless to create new content if you know nobody will ever have a chance to view it. I will post here if something big happens otherwise this will be my last post.

I wonder if it has something to do with this?

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