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Internet Privacy Question

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July 9, 2012 in Technology


What are some of the best VPN’s or proxy servers available. I don’t mind paying a small monthly fee. I just want my anonymity and privacy. I don’t want to be tracked, censored or regulated by my ISP or the government. I need something that works for bit torrents as well. I have DSL through AT&T and a home network.

Thanks for your suggestions :)

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4 responses to Internet Privacy Question

  1. If I was you I’d check some of the articles at TorrentFreak one of the best sources of torrent info on the net
    here’s a link to there home page https://torrentfreak.com/
    a straight Vpn will not protect you while downloading a torrent most vpn services will tell you that ?
    PayPal have started banning file sharing services an stopping company accounts of company’s
    In recent weeks, PayPal has cut off many of the world’s largest filehosting sites from its service including MediaFire, Putlocker and DepositFiles. Growing concern over copyright infringement has resulted in an extremely strict and in some cases privacy-violating set of requirements being laid down by the payment processing company. Cyberlocker owners are disappointed with the apparent witch-hunt which in some cases is paralyzing their business
    And now started on some of the torrent proxy services like Tor guard and BT guard seems to be down? DNS

    I would suggest try this for your Torrents a Bittorrent Anonymizer service Done by TorrentPrivacy
    here’s a link to there site https://torrentprivacy.com/?id=start#ic
    Its doing a free trial period they also do VPN service

    If I was you I’d go for the Bittorent Anonymizer for your torrents an paying for a VPN that can’t hide torrents
    from your ISP is a waist of anybody’s money because running a torrent on a VPN is like waving a red flag to your ISP come and get me ?

    I would also recommend get in to private sites stay away from the old established big ones
    the only big site that you could use now at this time would be the Pirate Bay because its done via proxy
    in most countries ExtraTorrent is hosted outside the US so they are fairly safe ?

    If you go private torrent site most of the ones that haven’t been shut down run there own proxys and seedboxes with FTP accounts for your downloads but you have to pay but you should be safe that way

  2. If your into torrents for random piracy/pr0n, you will eventually stick your nose in the wrong honey pot. If you really want free Magic Mike that badly, flirt with the ticket girl, or sneak into the theater. If you need warez you can’t afford, go open source. In short, the average gvt employee is going to target the low hanging infowarrior first. Don’t give them an easy opening.
    That said OneSwarm may be the type of thing your looking for. ATT may still throttle/choke you based on suspicious down/up patterns without knowing the exact details about the source, destination, or content.
    Otherwise privoxy works well if you need a proxy.. its pretty standard. TOR is a good bet for most of your private standard browsing and communication needs. the Freenet project is also something to look at. It has some interesting features beyond the usual file sharing. Perfect dark was a good anon-P2P project but I believe the Japanese government kicked down some doors to stop it.

  3. My experience with proxy servers is; You get what you pay for.
    I recall a joke running around about hidemyass among the hackers; reportmyass.
    But don’t take my word for it, do a search.

    Perhaps using tor (onion network), an ip blocklist (peerguardian), and a tracker blocker (ghostery has a firefox plugin).
    Please don’t rout all your p2p traffic through tor, it’s considered rude.
    You can still have anonymity with your torrent client by sending tracker communication through tor
    and using an ipblocklist for connecting peers.
    Don’t forget to always use encryption when connecting to peers.

  4. These guys offer a free proxy service,
    As to VPN’s most modern OS’s have built in capability, Just needs to be installed and configured,
    You’re not going to be able to VPN on your torrent sites until they start instituting VPN as part of their configuration.

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