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Information about espresso coffee machines

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January 23, 2018 in Technology


Do you want to know which are the best manual espresso makers of 2018? Do you miss expresso coffee machines? Do you want to try the best coffee you can make at home? If you are a coffee purist, it is clear that your coffee machine should be a manual espresso machine. They are the most complicated to use, but if you know how to do it well, the quality of the coffee that you can obtain is very high.

Until a few years ago, this type of coffee machine was destined to professional establishments, but someone in the industry realized that the public demanded to have this type of coffee machine in their homes.

What type of coffee is obtained with expresso coffee machines?

Coffee of intense flavor with the body and with a good coffee machine with a crown of cream. If we vary the fineness of the coffee grind or the pressure, we can alter the taste of espresso coffee. They usually have a steam channel used to foam milk and prepare a cappuccino or latte coffee.

What type of maintenance do expresso coffee makers need?

Lime is the enemy of our coffee makers. To clean the mechanism of the coffee maker we can prepare a mixture of water, coarse salt, and lemon juice. The mixture will pass through our coffee machine and clean it quickly. Then we have to rinse the machine using normal water. We repeat the operation a few times. You can coffeemakerone.com for more information.

How do you get a real espresso? Espresso coffee machines channel a small amount of almost boiling water with at least 9 bar of pressure through the finely ground coffee to achieve a true espresso. The result is a thicker, creamier coffee with more caffeine inside. The pressure is the key.

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